Inspiration from Desperation

Skutter 86 then looked at the direction the Huzzards went and then the rest of the area. After some debate Skutter 86 decided to head the way the opposite way of the Huzzards and slowly trudged on.

Skutter 86 managed to make its way past the three Huzzards and down the corridor. Up ahead in the distance Skutter 86 was startled by a loud noise. At first it paused and looked around to see what was nearby, but after nothing came out, Skutter 86 decided to slowly advance. Of course any attempt at stealth for Skutter 86 was lost due to the grinding sound of a bad tread, the occasional popping of sparks from the damaged frame and humming of vibrating broken plating on the Skutter’s body. As Skutter 86 neared the loud sound it became a bit twitchy and gradually advanced slower and slower till it neared the corner of the corridor. As Skutter 86 peered around the corner it saw a humanoid shape violently kicking a vending machine.

Skutter 86 moved a bit ahead to get a better look at the humanoid only to be disappointed to see Yasmin Melissa Adimar violently kicking an alcohol vending machine. Yasmin yelled, “Gimme my bottle your stupid machine. The Alcohol vending machine replied, “I’m sorry Miss Adimar but Seymour has banned you from all alcohol as of last week. You will need to talk to him to lift the ban before we can further serve you your alcoholic beverages. So please refrain from abusing me any further.” Yasmin looked at the vending machine with disgust as she pulled her disheveled hair from her face and kicked the vending machine one more time. Yasmin muttered, “Damn that Nipples. Just cause he is some snotty Ambassador doesn’t mean he can revoke my right to have a drink.” Skutter 86 tried to get Yasmin’s attention but instead had to dodge her as she passed out from exhaustion. As Yasmin began snoring loudly Skutter 86 shook its claw side to side and proceeded down the hall.

As Skutter 86 trudged down the corridors it passed a busy Molly Willis trying to figure out how to use a palm pilot. Molly shook the unit as she muttered, “Come on your stupid thing. Work. I think this thing is broken. Serves me right for buying the cheap knock off in the back alley of the promenade.” Molly was to distracted to even notice Skutter 86 waving at her as she stormed off. Skuttler 86 made a fist with its claw and shook it at her then relaxed in a sighing position as it continued to trudge on.

After a lot of trudging Skutter 86 found itself alone again. As it rested for a few moments it saw Alex and a woman walking down a nearby hall. Skutter 86 waved and tried to get their attention only to be ignored again as the two of them were in a serious conversation. As Skutter 86 tried to follow them it’s tread got stuck in the grates under it. Skutter 86 struggled for a while to free itself only to find Alex and the woman were gone. After Skutter sighed silently it began trudging again in the direction Alex and the new woman were heading.

Jade had managed to talk Evelina in to leaving the Medbay and getting some food for Jay’s meeting. Evelina managed to eat a little oatmeal but was still stricken by grief. Not only had Jaxx been put in a coma but her dream kept her from sleeping very well.

Jay gave Eve’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze as she sobbed in one corner of the refectory.
“We’ll figure out what happened to him Eve, I promise” Evelina nodded wordlessly as Jay stood and grabbed a coffee from the machine before turning to address the assembled crew.
“Now where in the hell is Solvay?” he muttered as he noted the grumpy engineers absence.
“He was in the medi-bay last night” Phi said. “Gone when I came back this morning”
“Probably drunk” Jacky said.
“Fine.” Jay grumbled “We’ll start without him. As you all know by now, we didn’t all make it out of AR…intact. We don’t yet know what happened to Jaxx…from what Jade and Phi can tell me, he suffered severe brain damage. He’s comatose, but alive.
We also lost Plisken. His body, unlike Jaxx’s didn’t survive. We’ll be holding a service for him later this week.
Despite all of this, we can’t lose sight of our objective. That is, to find and rescue Cassandra….we…”
He was interrupted by the door swishing open and Solvay walking in, followed by a woman he’d never seen before.
“I’m Plisken” said the woman.
“….talk about boner killer…” Jay mumbled, but not quietly enough for Katrina not hear, and she swiftly kicked him in the shin.
“OW!” he yelped
“What do you mean, you’re Plisken?” jade asked, seeing as how Jay was currently incapacitated from the knee down.
“Long story...” replied the woman, who went on to explain what had happened.
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Evelina looked at the woman in shock as she stood their talking like Plisken. Suddenly vivid parts of Evelina’s dream popped in her head.

Artemis went to speak, but was shot down by Jay with a finger point and a loud “NO! as if scolding a kitten about to claw the curtains.
“Plisken…you’re with me…”
With that Jay, followed by Plisken left the room.

Evelina put her hands over her mouth in disbelieve. She could not believe she missed what Jaxx’s had said before. Evelina thought to herself, “I can’t believe it the one time he told me that I missed it.” Suddenly past Evelina was interrupted by past Tregurad as past Jaxx was fading off. Evelina was fighting back her tears again as she watched her last moments with Jaxx. Only this time when the light took her past self away she saw past Jaxx’s light moved sideways through a wall. Evelina looked puzzled as the light continued to move till it went through a computer console and it exploded. Evelina tried to get a closer look but then woke up in a cold sweat at the table.

Evelina was shaking by the flashback as she looked around to see that Jay and Plisken had already left the room then she turned to Alex and grabbed his arm as she asked, “Alex? That female body Plisken was in was it by chance a robot?” Alex looked at Evelina puzzled as he nodded and muttered, “Sumthin like that.” Evelina nervously rubbed her hands together as she tried to think with a groggy mind. Alex looked at her like she was having a nervous break down. Then Evelina looked seriously at Alex as she asked, “Alex if Plisken’s mind made it into a robot, is it possible that Jaxx did to?” Alex shrugged as he replied, “Dunno. Plisken’s body is a high tech AI model. I still don’t even know where he got that one from. It would have to be a high end robot to handle the memory of someone without crashing.” Evelina nervously mumbled and rubbed her hands together for a moment till she looked up and asked, “What if the person had a small IQ like Jaxx?”

Jackey interrupted jokingly, “Then it could be trapped in a smart toaster for all we know.” Alex gave a Jacky a glare, but Evelina nodded as she yelled, “YES! YES! We need to track him down some how. If I know my Jaxx he would have found a way out at the last minute so he could be in any machine on this ship. Please Alex help me find Jaxx.” Alex looked annoyed as he muttered, “Why don’t you get Jamie? He likes fixing stuff.” Evelina looked at Alex with pouting eyes and desperate appeal as she said, “Jaxx told me you know this ship better than anyone else and you know all the machines. Please Alex your my only hope.”

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