The Day-to-Jay running of the ship.

Jay gave Eve’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze as she sobbed in one corner of the refectory.
“We’ll figure out what happened to him Eve, I promise” Evelina nodded wordlessly as Jay stood and grabbed a coffee from the machine before turning to address the assembled crew.
“Now where in the hell is Solvay?” he muttered as he noted the grumpy engineers absence.
“He was in the medi-bay last night” Phi said. “Gone when I came back this morning”
“Probably drunk” Jacky said.
“Fine.” Jay grumbled “We’ll start without him. As you all know by now, we didn’t all make it out of AR…intact. We don’t yet know what happened to Jaxx…from what Jade and Phi can tell me, he suffered severe brain damage. He’s comatose, but alive.
We also lost Plisken. His body, unlike Jaxx’s didn’t survive. We’ll be holding a service for him later this week.
Despite all of this, we can’t lose sight of our objective. That is, to find and rescue Cassandra….we…”
He was interrupted by the door swishing open and Solvay walking in, followed by a woman he’d never seen before.
“I’m Plisken” said the woman.
“….talk about boner killer…” Jay mumbled, but not quietly enough for Katrina not hear, and she swiftly kicked him in the shin.
“OW!” he yelped
“What do you mean, you’re Plisken?” jade asked, seeing as how Jay was currently incapacitated from the knee down.
“Long story...” replied the woman, who went on to explain what had happened.
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“It’s good to have you back, old timer.” Jay said eventually capable of standing again.
“Our priority here is to find the time drive. When we do, Phil, I want you, White Wolf and Jacky to get it working again. I have a feeling where to look…in the meantime….”
“What about the intruder?” Alex said, interrupting.
“What intruder?” Jay asked.
“The one Artemis found. Sir Admiral Chutney Boyd or something..”
“Why did no-one tell me about this?” Jay snapped, wheeling around to face Artemis.
“Well I thought he might be dangerous!”
“…please tell me you didn’t kill him…”
“Of course not! He’s in my laboratory, I was going to dissect him to find out what he knows!”
“You can find out what he knows from slicing him up?!”
“To be honest, I doubt it, but one doesn’t know until one tries!”
“Do we know how he got here?”
“Crashed his ship into ours apparently” Alex grumped.
“I need to know what he’s doing here…”
Artemis went to speak, but was shot down by Jay with a finger point and a loud “NO! as if scolding a kitten about to claw the curtains.
“Plisken…you’re with me…”
With that Jay, followed by Plisken left the room.


Later, Boyd awoke. Having earlier been sedated by Artemis. He was handcuffed to a chair, a bright light shining into his eyes. Jay tilted the light away, so that Boyd could see. Plisken stood off to one side, arms folded.
“Now.” Jay said sternly. “Who are you, and what are you doing on my ship….?”
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