Home, smegging home


Phil was not only worried (about Jay) and annoyed (his clothes had an odd stain on it)
and he was going into withdrawle a little bit after his own brand of alchahol got broken and destroyed somehow.

This latest incident with Justin gave him the perfect opertunity to mess about with Pancake.The goit had it coming afterall.
He was going to sort out Justin's holo-program and get it back where it belonged..after making him think he was a chicken for a few mins or remote controling his body for a bit, nothing serious, just enough to remind him who was in charge on this ship.

Al that was needed was to reboot the console. Which was easy enough. In theory. Just hit this button..


Press these 3 buttons.....


Losing his temper, Phil reached behid the console and pulled out the plug. The console went dark. Counting to 10 he ten plugged it back in.

The massive bolt of electricty that came from the console knocked him across the room and everything went dark.

<end snip>

“Finally! Some reasonable-quality grub!”

Alex wiped his crumb-covered mouth with his sleeve, and washed down the mouthful of food with a glassful of Yasmin’s other wine. The final bottle.

“Get some manners, Alex!” Jade pointed out, rudely rolling her eyes sarcastically as she took a solid bite of her burger. “I reckon we should just be glad that we’re all still smegging alive.”

“All better now?” Alex asked, glancing mindlessly past Jade’s awkwardly objective head. “Or are we all still cuckoo?”

Katrina looked like she wanted to spit hard in his face. “He’s fine, now. No thanks to you, though.”

“Just asking! Smeg-for-brains.”

“What was that!?”

He stared at Seymour, looking for help. He came back with nought.


“Since when did you guys get here?” Evelina called out with a concerned tone, as she and Jaxx walked into the Refectory, and got themselves a hoagie each. “We’ve been searching the decks to find our way back for positively ages!”

“We only just got here!” Yasmin pointed out, taking another mouthful of her sushi. She’d only just recently remembered she was a vegetarian. She nodded to the empty space beside her, obviously delusional. “So did they.”

Everyone sat down gruffly, and, after about half an hour, the argument started…

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