Journey to the Center of .........Hec

Jaxx just scowled angrily
“Anyway, nothing bad happened” Jay continued in soothing tones “Despite my friends best efforts, no fruit was inserted, so let’s get over it and move on, shall we?”
He paused to look between both Jaxx and Phil before continuing
“These caves look like they would make ideal shelter for us; shall we explore them?”

What’s in the caves?

After calming Jaxx down, Jay rounded up Cass, Davie, Jaxx, White Wolf, Jacky, Molly, Plisken, and Alex to get ready to explore the caves. Jay and the crew made a few torches from the available materials and picked up a few melee weapons. Then Jay led the crew deep into the tunnels that led downwards. The crew walked for hours in the pitch black caves. The silence was broken now and then by Cass and Jacky found a bug crawling on them.

Suddenly Jay made the crew stop as he heard something ahead. He gestured everyone drop down to their knees as he peered around the corner. The crew patiently waited on all fours as Jay scooted off ahead around a corner. Molly scooted up by Cassandra hoping to get a better view around the corner. All the guys were completely silent as they could clearly see up Cassandra's mini skirt since she was in the front with Molly. Cassandra was wearing a white pair of lacy crotchless panties with a small pink bow on the top of them. Even Jaxx was impressed by Cass's sexy smooth back side. He could slowly feel his urge to hate her turn into an urge to bum her. Jaxx shook his head as he tried to get the thought of bumming the demon woman out of his mind. He hated the woman for several reasons, so why was she turning him on in that pose? Jaxx rubbed his forehead to erase the image from his mind just as Jay scurried back. Jay saw all the men except for Jaxx starring and drooling at Cass's rear end. Jay gave the men a dirty look to snap them out of it before saying, "I found something ahead. Follow me quietly."

Jay led the crew further down the caves till they saw what Jay found. They crew was in awe as they saw several blue demonic like creatures working around some odd devices that were generating electricity in a cavern down below. The devices looked like a series of stone rings inside one large ring and spinning in various directions inside the main ring as energy was cracking around it. Down below they saw piles of supplies as well as piles of bodies. One of the demons seem to be humping the severed head of a recent victim. The crew made a sick face as the demonic creature carried on till he finished and tossed the head into the pile of bodies. As the crew watched more they saw the electricity traveled through cables in a network of tunnels underground in spurts.

Jay turned back to the crew and whispered, "Well what do you think?" Alex, Jaxx and Davie shrugged their shoulders. Jacky and White Wolf were trying to figure out what they were looking at. Molly was hoping they could go down and explore. Then Cass turned around and interrupted as she whispered, "I know what this is. Its a Kinemassic Generator. Everyone stared blankly at Cass as she whispered, "The secondary gravitational field or "kinemassic" field as termed, has the ability to alter gravitational interaction. When the spin polarized material is placed in gyroscopic set of gimbals and is undulated, a secondary gravitational wave is generated that is not shieldable by currently available materials. These waves that were produced by such action and were detected by a gallium arsenide detector that was placed inside a Faraday Cage. Such a screening device would shield conventional electromagnetic forces if they were of local origin."

Everyone looked at Cass like she passed wind in a church. Cass rolled her eyes and whispered, "This machine is the cause for the bad magnetic field on the planet. If we shut it down we can leave the planet." Then the crew responded like they understood her completely which annoyed her more. The Jacky whispered, "Though that does sound good in theory you seem to forget the monster that was bumming the severed head who prolly has more friends down there. How do you think we are going to pull that off?"


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