Jacky was shocked by the sudden news of Davie's untimely demise.

Jacky hadn't known him very well, but he was still shocked, and he sat down.

At least two people had died during his time on the dwarf. This was an idea that horrified him. Not just because of fear for his own demise, but for the demise of his friends, and the mere concept of demise. A ship like the dwarf was capable of running for a very long time, he thought. A ship that runs for a long time in the vast emptiness of space, he would imagine, would be peaceful.

He found that he had been wrong.

Molly came by.

"You okay?" she asked.

"Thinking." Jacky said, sternly, ignoring the question.

and so he thought, and for a good long while. Davie was a symbol for life on the dwarf itself, he thought. Davie hadn't wronged anyone that Jacky knew of. Davie did nothing wrong. Davie was not a bad person. Davie died. That was the same for all the people on the ship, Jacky thought. They were all always in danger.

Jacky stepped over to Jade.

"You offered me psychological help earlier." he said.

"Yes?" she responded.

"I'll take you up on it." Jacky said, gravely. "When we get back to the dwarf."

Jacky looked up at the sky.

"If we get back to the dwarf."

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