Plisken sat in the cold dark room that had be the home for Alex and him for the past several days. He was surronded by several Ssala, whom he had now remember the name of, with Alex sitting next to them. They had ben waiting for another of his stories, stories that they probably didn't know were real. Plisken was preparing a story that recounted his exploits in the Medusa Cascade, an area of space far from Earth. But something was nagging at the back of his mind. Alex would swear that the Haruk were speaking a completly different langauge. How could Plisken understand what they were saying? Did he understand what they were saying? In any case, it hardely consernded him.

"Okay," said Plisken as he relaxed and allowed the memories to flood back to him, "It was a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, before my name was even Plisken. I sitting on the Captain's chair on the bridge of my ship, the HMS Indefatigable. It was a few days since the battle of Wolf 359 and I was hoping the crew would have some respite but command would have nothing of it. And with Brittany giving me orders now there was few things that I could do."

Alex sat up, "Brittany?!"

"Yeah, she was a Queen, was it a Queen?"

"I know who Brittany is, how do you know who Brittany is?"

Before Plisken could answer, a hulking Haruk, for Plisken had the name beaten into him, came marching into the room. Plisken thought he was saying "It's show time!" but Alex would later swear that it was a mix of guttural sounds and deep grunts. Whatever was said, the room's occupants were pushed out and herded to the Arena.

"Here, Miss. Jones is here again," Plisken commented as he took in the new blood thirsty crowd.

"Who? Cass?"

Plisken and Alex recived at quick slap from a Haruk, probably to tell them to be silent.

"I wonder what it will be today. Atlaspheres? Duel? Or some new way to try and brutally murder us?"

Plisken, Alex and the few Ssala were left in the middle of the Arena, the blood soaked sand stretching for hundred's of yards in each direction. The Haruk left in a hurry, leaving behind a small collection of weapons in a thin wooden crate. Alex looked as though he was preparing to speak but was interuptted by the noise of the large grate opening at the far side of the Arena. From the opening poured the monsters and beasts from before, the ones that inhabitated the caves the housed the generators.

"Oh, fantastic."

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