Mumbo Jumbo

Who - Yasmin
Where - Her Bunk Room
When - Not A Clue


“I’d better get down to the Drive Room pretty quick,” Yasmin muttered absently to herself, anxiously glancing over at her bunk mate to check he hadn’t died in the last four seconds since she’d last checked. “Want to come with?”

He shrugged unapologetically, and didn’t even bother to prise his eyes away from his magazine. “Who gives a smeg?”

She ignored him submissively, and walked outside, before she screamed.


But this was different. There was someone talking in the background as she stared at the obviously-artificial representation of her old sister-in-law.

“All will be tested,” the voice boomed, as a picture of Phil flashed up onto the vid screen outside the now firmly-closed bunk room door. “You are next.”


The voice grew louder, as the hologramatic Eliza smiled dubiously, and lifted a hollow hip from her side.

“You know what you have done. You know who you have killed. Now it is time to face the consequences.”

“Who the smeg are you, smeg-for-brains!?”


A panel shifted in the floor of the corridor, easily big enough for her to fall through. Like the dumbass she was, she looked down nervously, just managing to keep a firm enough sense of balance to stay aloft.

And then she fell.

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