Tough Choices

Evelina was very concerned as she looked for a way out as the water began enveloping her feet. Evelina said, “Jaxx what are we gonna do?” Jaxx looked up at the key and down at Evelina as he answered, “I don’t know Evebabe, but if I can’t find a way out in time. (short pause) Step on the button.” Evelina looked at Jaxx in shock.

As the water was getting closer to Evelina’s waist she was beginning to get worried. Jaxx looked at Evelina and smiled as he said, “Its ok Eve babe. I totally won’t get mad if you step on the pedal. Evelina got mad at Jaxx and yelled sternly, “Not gonna happen Jaxx. So you better find another way or I won’t forgive you.” Jaxx could see tears rolling down Evelina’s cheeks from her scarred eyes. Jaxx looked at his chains and then at Evelina’s scarred face. He knew she wouldn’t kill him to save herself and that heavy weight on his ankles was more than he could handle, not to mention the blood he was slowly loosing around his wrists and ankles.

Suddenly a large monitor near the ceiling lit up in the room and showed the different tortures going on the station as Queeg said, “Here is some footage of your crew mates to help pass the time. Jaxx looked at the monitor and said, “Not cool bro. As if we weren’t screwed already. Ok Eve babe. I’m totally gonna try something really stupid.” Evelina gave Jaxx a reaffirming smile as she looked at him from chest deep water.

Jaxx began breathing really hard and raising his blood pressure as he channeled his anger into his muscles. Unfortunately as Jaxx raised his blood pressure his cuts began to leak more blood. Jaxx began growling as he struggled to climb up the chain despite the heavy five hundred pound cement block dangling from his ankle chains. Jaxx managed to climb two feet before the leaking blood caused him to loose his grip and fell. SNAP! The slack of the chain sent a shock wave of pain through Jaxx’s body as he was hanging from the chains again. Jaxx looked down to see a very concerned Evelina in chest deep water. Jaxx fired his temper up again and began to climb the chain again. This time he managed to get three feet up before loosing his grip and enduring the shock wave again.

Each time Jaxx looked at Evelina and the rising water he began climbing and falling again and again and again. Jaxx refused to give up as the blood-coated chains denied his victory. Jaxx could feel himself getting weaker as the blood drained from his wounds. Jaxx saw Evelina was now underwater and struggling for air. Jaxx mustered up the last of his strength to climb up the chain only to get four feet before he fell again. Jaxx was angry with himself as he failed to help Evelina.

Suddenly an object hit Jaxx in the head and fell to the water below. Jaxx looked up and saw the loop that held the chain to the ceiling was bent and one of the bolts was missing. Jaxx then began jerking the chain to loosen the last bolt and quickly got his wish as he was quickly pulled onto the large pressure plate table below him with a SLAM! The impact made the cement block crack in half. Jaxx quickly swam over to Evelina but was slowed down by the broken weight still attached to his legs. He quickly pulled the lighter weight just enough to reach her. Jaxx quickly put his mouth on Evelina’s and began sharing the air from his gills with her. Evelina was panicked at first till she felt the air in her lungs again. Evelina quickly wrapped her arms around Jaxx knowing he had lost a lot of blood and might pass out on her.

Jaxx ignored the pain and blood loss from his wrists and ankles as he focused on giving Evelina air till the water drained off. Then Evelina and Jaxx dropped to their knees in exhaustion. Jaxx was very tired and was having trouble staying awake as his eyes were glazing over. Evelina wasted no time pulling the chain over to herself to get the key as she held Jaxx up. As she unlocked her chains a Skutter with a monitor lowered to the ground from a cable. Queeg appeared on the monitor as he looked at Evelina unlocking Jaxx’s chains. Queeg said, “Congratulations Mrs. Stone your bone headed friend found another way to save your life but now you must make a choice on whose life is more important.” Evelina held the semiconscious Jaxx as she glared at Queeg. Evelina said, "Haven't you done enough." The Skutter extended a small green vial to her. Evelina looked at the vial and then at Queeg before she took it. Queeg said, “In this vial are medical nanobots that can cure almost any wound. However you must now decide who is more important your friend Jaxx or your ships Captain.

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