Confusing Plot Twist

OOC-Okay, I'm ending the ALTAR storyline for two reasons
1) Nobody really likes it
2) It's not as fun as I thought (you know how when you were a kid there was that toy you wanted and when you got it the toy turned out to be disappointingly different from what you expected? It's kind of like that)

Before I start, let me set the record straight. I didn't start this because I thought the main plot was boring, I did it because I got lost and thought that I could do this until there was a good place to hop in. But after conversing with Alex and BaronVonLongman I learned that I really don't need to wait, I can just enter as long as I don't smeg up the story. So I'll be doing just that. Sorry to Mobius/Plisken for dragging you into this, I'll pick up right where we left off earlier.

In Between Realities

The plan to destroy ALTAR was a success, but the price was too much for 167 year old Artemis. He was stranded in the fabric of space between dimensions, destined to die alone in a horrid void. However, over the 100+ years Artemis learned how to manipulate space with his mind, and only recently had he mastered it. He had created and destroyed objects, altered his appearance, but the power he wanted was the ability to time travel. He wanted to prevent ALTAR's abduction of him and Plisken to avoid the hell of being stuck in the void. But his strength was running out, and he had one chance to save himself. He created a disintegrator, and a portal to the moment where it all went wrong.

The agents lay in wait for Artemis and Plisken to arrive. From behind them, a portal opened up and Artemis leaped out. He disintegrated the agents and disarmed Perseus. Before the man could react Artemis kicked him into a second portal, and with his last strength, erased all evidence.

Artemis and Plisken marveled at the temple from the top of the hill. Somewhere in there were their comrades, and they were determined to find them. Artemis descended to the bottom of the dune with the thumper and waited for Plisken's cue....

OOC-Okay Plisken, how does this turn out?

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