Man on Fire

Seymour in the meantime had converged with the other archmages at the top of the dais where the gate Anubis had set up was slowly completing it's charging cycle
As a trusted and valued member of Seymours elite, the maco had made the very best of a bad situation, but the Retributors seemed to be crawling out of the pit in ever increasing numbers and even in spite of the rebel shock troops that had ‘ported in, the risk of all their positions being overrun was very real

Anubis continued to use his energy staff to lay cover fire for the others as much as possible, while the mages were making their preparations against the Retributors. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Jaxx was pushing his body to the limit as he was flanking the Retributors to aid the shock troops. Anubis used his headset so only Jaxx and Evelina could hear him as he said, “Dammit you fool you double dosed didn’t you? Fall back to your Evelina and rest before your heart explodes!” Jaxx was unable to talk at this point since his mind was focused on stopping the Retributors.

Evelina yelled into her ear piece, “Jaxx please listen to him. You promised me!” Jaxx felt a jolt through his body as he heard Evelina’s words which caused him to loose his focus for only a moment. At that moment a Retributor took advantage of Jaxx’s distraction and spit a giant meatball at him. The meatball was around ten foot in diameter and easily nailed Jaxx several hundred feet in the air and forcing him to land close to Evelina’s location. Anubis used his headset to say, “Evelina take care of that smeghead for me. I’ll try to take it from here.” Evelina raced to aid the injured Jaxx who was out cold.

“I’m so sorry Katrina” Seymour breathed, slipping a knife out from within his robes as the tanned, bottle blond floated, wide-eyed and struggling towards him "Your death will be for the greater good"
The other archmage’s began a low chant, the air blistering with magical energy as Seymour stepped, knife in hand, towards the alternate Dwarfer, still writhing helplessly in mid-air at the top of the dais

Down on the ground, things were getting hairy
Retruibutors were massing in ever increasing numbers, the shock troops barely holding their line as wave after wave of the creatures broke against their ranks
The young witch by Cassandra’s side suddenly winced and ceased her magic’s to gaze up towards the top of the dais
“See” she hissed, pointing up towards the archmage's and the struggling alt-Katrina
Momentarily glancing away from the increasingly desperate combat, Cass looked up towards where the drama was unfolding the top of the dais
“What’s he...?” she managed
“Don’t you fucking dare!” alt-Jay yelled nearby, wheeling with his rifle to fire a blast of energy up towards Seymour.

Anubis saw what Seymour was about to do and quickly jumped between Seymour and Katrina just as the knife was about to stab Katrina. Seymour’s eyes widened as he realized he just stabbed Anubis in the chest only to feel the impact of a pulse blast impact Anubis from the back. Jay’s hands shook nervously as he realized to late that Anubis blocked his shot with his back. All that the alternate Katrina could do was watch helplessly as she was floating above the two men. Seymour held his large friend and slowly laid him on the ground as he opened his jackal mask to reveal a dying Anubis. Anubis’s black eyes looked like they were in immense pain as they slightly bulged in and out of his eye sockets. His body shook as it was going into shock and blood slowly began leaking out.

Seymour was grief stricken as he asked, “Why?” Anubis coughed up some blood and muttered, “Y… promised……it …..would….only …be me. Noooooo…..more…..must die now.” Seymour made a sad smile as he said, “Forgive me my friend things got out of hand.” Anubis coughed up more blood as he muttered, “Itz……..ok……..I….can….finalllly join…..her now….in the ……Deep Blue Sea.” Seymour shed a tear as he said, “I’m sure Evelina is waiting for you my friend.” Anubis grabbed Seymour’s hand and muttered, “I…shall….and….will….always….be….your…friend….you …..smeghead.”

Seymour chuckled as his tears began falling onto Anubis’s face and said, “I’m going to miss your ugly fish face.” Anubis gave a painful bloody smile as he muttered, “Finish it already. I’m tired.” Seymour nodded as he chanted a spell that made his hand glow and quickly plunged it into the knife. Anubis screamed in agony as his body began to glow brightly and turned into energy that was absorbed into the staff. After all of Anubis was absorbed by the staff it activated and began glowing brightly as it activated the gate and began pulling the Retributors into a portal. The Retributors screamed and struggled as they fought the gates power but they were no match for it. As each Retributor was pulled in they were forced to spit out the victims they managed to devour before. This continued till every one of the Retributors had been pulled in. Seymour pulled Katrina slowly to the ground and looked down as he said, “I’m so sorry Kat.” Katrina wanted to hit him but was still in shock by what Anubis had done for her since they didn’t really get a long. Seymour looked around at the devastation that had transpired and said, “It’s finally over.”

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