Dr. Pritchard, at you service

“From what I’m told” Jay said “You all went to a lot of trouble to find a cure for me. I would never have asked any of you to do this, yet, you still did. Even those of you I don’t know that well….” He glanced over individually to Jamie, Jaxx, Evelina, Artemis (who he didn’t know at ALL) and Jade as he said this.
“I owe you all more than I can ever repay…but one of us paid the ultimate price. As you all no doubt know by know, Cass has been taken into the custody of the STCP…the organisation that has dogged me…dogged us over and over…she could be anywhere, anywhen, and in any kind of danger…and I won’t rest until we’ve got her back…”

Jaxx listened carefully to Jay’s words as he ate his grapes silently. After Jay’s speech Jaxx looked at Eve babe and smiled as he looked at Jay and said, “Jay dude I am sorry……….. I totally can’t help you with tech stuff or planning stuff or sciencey stuff, but………… if you like need some heavy muscle or something totally destroyed I am in bro. Jay replied, “Thanks Jaxx I am sure your talent for destruction will be needed.” Evelina spoke up, “I guess that means I am in as well since someone has to keep Jaxx out of trouble.” Jay smiled as he replied, “Thank you Evelina.”

Artemis waited for Jaxx to finish, and walked up to Jay and Katrina. "Dr. Artemis K Pritchard VI, humbly at your service" Artemis shook Jay's hand and proceeded to show him a set of Blue Dwarf schematics he had altered. "If we are to go anywhere, we need to optimize the ship. With the resources we currently have, I restore the ship's functionality by 2%, but with the proper resources I can restore it by an additional 25%, as well as integrate any upgrades that you may desire. I also have a solution to any lingering health problems you may have, drop by my lab when you have a minute" Jay didn't quite know what to think about the new face, but he seemed helpful enough."Okay Artemis. Thank you" "My lab and all my skills as a scientist are at your disposal, Mr. Chrysler" Artemis turned and left the room to finish restoring his lab for the long process of restoring the ship's functionality. On his way out, he left a poster near the door.

"Lab assistant needed in Innovative Sciences Department. Inquire with Dr. Pritchard"


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