Stuck in a fridge and you're to blame, you give Gelfs...a bad name

Where:The Time Fridge
When : Smeg knows, but a LOOOOOOONG time since Phil created the Uber-Kebab
Who:Phil, Mini-Phil and the best kebab in all of history

"No...Bad Mini-me...the kebab is NOT for you"

Phil squirted MP with a water bottle.

Things where both good and bad in the time fridge.

Bad things first.

He was lost, both temporaly and spatially. In otherwords he had no idea where and WHEN he was.

Plus he hadnt shaved in what felt like a year. His relative time frame had been about 2 years since he revisted the "Incident" that left him with a fear of Barney the dinosaur.

PLUS - He was dangerously close to becomeing Ultra-Sober again. MP was not looking forward to that again.

On the postive side, the time fridge was now, due to a handy upgrade, to borrow a phrase from a certain show about a blue box, now bigger on the inside than on the out side. It wasnt huge, it had about the same amount of space within as a starbug but it had better stasis systems, defences and a mini-replicator so food and drink was not a problem. This also meant Phil was now no longer in danger of being suffocated due to Mini "Agent Orange" Phil's flatus. In fact, the midgets emssions could power the drive of the TF!

Sadly though, these upgrades made the TF more unstable than it was before, affecting both the temporal and spatial engines.

Now all they needed was to get back to big blue one , have a shave, store the kebab in the TF's replicator for future consumption(it needed a fair amount of power to do this), then go on the mother of all benders...He was even tempted to open the bottle of Absinthe in the Ultra-Secure lock-up on Z deck, even though he banned from doing so in 5 star systems.

OOC:Just a little one (Stop giggling...) As I'm stuck on a way to get the Phils and TF back into the story and don't want to mess things up, so if anyone wants to deal with the arrival of a smelly hobo like Phil, a gassy midget, the Upgraded/Unstable TF and the Ultimate-kebab, feel free to do so

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