The Investors (To Be Finished Later)

Grandpa Artie rushed about the boardroom getting ready for the meeting. Artemis himself stood idly, having no idea what to do except ponder the fate of Uncle Greg some more

Back on Blue Dwarf

Greg, covered in Huzzard gibs and blood, casually walked through the corridors eating a candy bar. Still thinking that he was having vivid nightmares, Greg was looking for something to wake himself up. Just as he rounded the corner he found Seymour sitting on the floor trying to get back on his wheelchair. "Dr. Pritchard! Render me assistance!" Seymour yelled. Greg helped the old Englishman back into his chair, and looked down the colossal stairwell he almost fell down. "Would you be a dear and push me to the refectory?" Seymour asked. "Yeah, but first, wanna hav some fun?" Seymour looked up. "You're not Dr. Pritchard! Holly! Secur...."

Seymour flew down the stair, Greg hanging into the back of his chair hooting and hollering like a madman.

Back in Las Vegas

"Greg! Come on!" Grandpa Artie yelled. Artemis helped assemble the projector and screen, and was given the job operating the Powerpoint presentation. What the hell is this archaic smeg? Artie thought. Pow-err-point, it must be the early version of General Presentation Software #5. Artemis familiarized himself with the complex controls and waited for Grandpa. The investors entered the boardroom and took their seats at the table, mumbling to each other. Grandpa straightened his tie. "Showtime Greg" "Indeed....Artie...." Artemis said, feeling weird calling someone else Artemis.

"Gentlemen" Grandpa Artie started. "We have come here today to present to you the opportunity of a lifetime: the opportunity to send mars!" there was an awkward silence.

"I am Dr. Artemis K. Pritchard IV, and this is my partner, Dr. Gregory McMillan. We have both designed a starcraft capable of carrying a ten man expedition to mars! The systems onboard the vessel are beyond anything ever seen before! Much of it has yet to be developed, and you men....and err....hermaphrodites...." two men wearing women's attire crossed their legs..."can be the innovators of this fantastic tech! Behold....the Juan Ponce DeLeon!"

The spacecraft appeared on screen. She wasn't too different than the one parked at the Aerospace Museum orbiting over New York in the 22nd century. Artemis felt a sense of pride, being there when his Grandfather unveiled the innovative spaceship that would pave the way for modern starships, with technology including Skutters (similar looking robots operated the self repair system) and the ramscoop. Even though they would probably fail, Artemis was still honored to be here.

"...and a self repair system" Grandpa finished. "Annnnd....a revolutionary propulsion system, the pulse drive!" He said. "So where are schematics?" an Englishman resembling Seymour asked. "They....were stolen by the Yakuza" Grandpa replied. The investors mumbled, and started to leave. "Wait, where are you going?!" Grandpa asked, rushing to the exit. "I'm not funding an incomplete design..." said the transgender investor. The last investor passed Grandpa, then came back and rested his hand on his shoulder. " can try again when you get the schematics back, but make sure the designs are complete"

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