Blue Orb of Death

Kenneth was feeling better. The taste of lemon had departed for pastures new, and he had a Task to complete. So, trying to find a match for these goggles.
His concentration was shattered by Jade, saying "Uh oh...", as she grabbed her coffee.
"What?" Kenneth asked quizzically.
"I think we have to go. Come on." She said, pulling her hood up over her head, and grabbing his sleeve.”
“But why? I haven’t finished my Coke…” Kenneth looked longingly at the Cherry Coke (20g of Ice, hold the lemon¬) which sat dejectedly, half full on the table.
“Because I think those Police are after us for some reason. And it’s half empty anyway. I’ll buy you another when I get the chance.”
“Half FULL” Kenneth grumbled…
Jade had an urgent, almost pleading note in her voice as she said, simply: “Come ON.”
Kenneth had attracted the attention of the police. There were five of them. The apparent Sergeant was both more tall and more muscular than anyone had any right to be. This Sergeant and two of the others walked towards them, whilst the others covered the exits. The Sergeant looked them both up and down, and then drawled “We are lookin’ for the accomplices of a certain Cassandra Jones.”
At this Jade let out a shocked gasp. The man looked her in the eye, and continued
“Doctor Jade Black, you’re under arrest for aiding a terrorist.”
“What!” Jade exclaimed “Cass isn't a terrorist!”
Kenneth had been switched his view between Jade and the Sergeant, with a confused look on his face. He was processing the available information.
Ok, so these police guys… bad. Jade… good. Ok. That seemed a reasonable enough assumption to him.
“She was apprehended after entering a government facility and stealing government property, including weaponry.” The Sergeant continued
“In our little conversation, your name came up. Along with… others.”
“Now, come with us.”
“What? No - get out of my way!” Jade was getting angry now. She shoved the Sergeant with the intent to clear a path to the door. This was probably a mistake. The Sergeant reacted by punching Jade in the jaw, causing her to let out a cry of pain and trip, falling into the table. And spilling Kenneth’s Cherry Coke. Kenneth started to get VERY angry very quickly. Almost as quickly as the patrons and ‘Rick’ ran out the door.
He struck out at the Sergeant, aiming for the neck.
Rotate hand 20 degrees. Increase pressure by ten Pascals. Follow with 50 Kilonewton knee strike to groin. Finish with blow to side of cranium.
Kenneth’s onboard System Message Software (Voted ‘Least Imaginatively Named Software in 2297’), or as Kenneth liked to call it, his Conscience chirped up.
[Warning: Your P-Levels are getting dangerously high. Please reboot to avoid systems failure.]
Attempting to give a damn.
Process failed. Damn not given.
The two Officers to either side of the now downed Sergeant rushed towards him. In a flurry of motion he dodged a punch from the first, elbowed the second in the stomach and stamped on the first’s toe, who cried out in extreme pain and hopped for a few seconds before being hit in the back of the head by an angry Jade with an Eightieth Century bottle, causing him too to fall unconscious. Kenneth then made the second slightly poorer in the teeth department, as well as unconscious, with a well-placed kick, accomplished during a backflip. His Conscience was both screaming at him and turning off non-essential systems.
He made two new mental logs: “Never fight while angry.” And “Hurting my friend and spilling my drink MAKES me angry…”
He checked on Jade. She looked a little wobbly, but seemed ok. He’d check anyway.
“Yeah… thanks.” She replied.
“This reminds me of this time when I-”
The two Officers who had stationed themselves by the doors were pointing handguns at them.
“Don’t worry, I got this.” Kenneth said, with certain bravado. His Conscience chose this moment to inform him of [System Shutdown in 60 seconds… 59...]
He ran towards them, strengthening his projection at the cost of 40 seconds of runtime. The Police fired, but the bullets just bounced off his strengthened body. He crashed into the taller of the two officers, and then head-butted him. The man slumped, immediately unconscious. Kenneth took the gun from his hand and pointed it at the other officer. They stared at each other, at a stalemate.
Jade ended it by throwing her bottle at the officer’s head, and he too fell into blissful oblivion.
“We did it, Kenneth!” She exclaimed, excitedly. Kenneth remained immobile for a few seconds, and then… disappeared. The gun fell to the floor. Where Kenneth’s heart would have been had he still been corporeal, now a small ball of cyan light floated above the ground. Jade was awestruck – so this was Kenneth’s true form?
Her answer came when a voice emanated from the orb:

[A problem had been detected and Kenneth has been shut down to prevent damage to his systems.
If problems continue, disable any new software or hardware.
Beginning Physical Memory Dump…]

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