[JMC_Blue_Dwarf] Psychosis

Steev watched the fleeing form of Lt. Smegg disappear into the distance.
"Shit, I've done it again" he thought. "Why does this always bloody happen?
I was only trying to be friendly, let him know my likes and dislikes, and
I make him piss off!" Steev turned back to the task in hand, and poked at
it for a bit, thinking of a way to squeeze into his cupboard...
Just then, a sudden flash of inspiration hit him...
"He started it! He was the one talking in the Star Trek [TECH] nonsense!
No one bloody calls it the 'plasma phase flux capacitors', and no one puts
them 'into sync with the dynamical photon alteration systems'! No! They
call it 'Sticking the doodad in the slot so it whirls around at the same
speed as the other thingamajig'! Bloody amateur!"
Then almost as quickly...
"I bet he starts thinking about my name now....no, I bet he is! Thinking of
how silly it looks, the incorrect spelling, the long stream of y's...he is,
HE IS!!!"
A loud howl flew from Steev's lips
And with that he legged it for the nearest cupboard and got in.
Steev MAcKenZyyyyyyyyyyyy
Assistant engineer
Blue Dwarf
In a cupboard
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