Can't be hard.

“NO!” Jay snapped back. “I just think it would be good for Jaxx and Eve to work independently for a change. Branch out. Build experience independently. Take advantage of your individuality and learn not to rely on each other so heavily.”
“But..” Jaxx started
“No buts. Eve you’re on my team – equally, Kat’s going stealth.”
“So…who else it with me?”
<tag yourselves in here>

Jacky breathed in sharply. He hated attention, especially for the point he was about to make.

"I would like, really would, to help out right now." He said.

"That's the spirit." Jay said, patting Jacky on the back once and then recoiling, forgetting that Jacky was coated in piss.

"I can't do stealth. I smell like piss." Jacky said, smelling like piss. "I'll just sort of follow Jay. Around. Follow Jay around."

"What can you do?" Evelina asked.

"I'll do what you say. Or drive. I can drive."

"You can drive these ancient cars?"

"I've read about how. Turn the key, push the pedal. Can't be hard."

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