Telomere: The Search for the Perfect GELF Family. Part 1

After Artemis and Frank finished breakfast (and after Frank explained how he was saved from death), they bidded the Dwarfers goodbye and returned to the Project Telomere lab.

Artemis and Frank donned white labcoats, goggles (Artemis was allowed to recover his own goggles from the lockup) and got to work.

"Let's get started, the quicker we make Lindstrom's freakshow children the faster we can move on with our lives" Artemis said, pulling out the necessary DNA samples from the freezer.

"I wasn't involved with Telomere Artie, I was put on Dr. Clarke's mag...neato..."
"The Magnetohydrodynamic cannon, yes, I remember now. That smug bastard loved re-appropriating my men. Alright...Telomere was the project that created the XL1 indsutrial GELF. The same one that revolted against the space corps, the same one that I built the Q-Bomb to destroy, and the same one that Lindstrom is fucking. It was shelved following the uprising. Ol' Lindstrom is having problems making children with a lizard, which I can't possibly see why that isn't working...anyway, we're making them children"
"Oh...okay, so what do we do first?"
"Well, we have to start fusing the DNA samples to see if we can re-create the XL1 genetic structure" Artemis held up a test tube marked goldfish

"I completely forgot how I did this, so let's try to make this happen"

The two got to work fusing the different DNA samples and putting them in the computer to see if they could re-create Alexis' XL1 DNA.

The work was painfully slow, and the whole time Artemis and Frank kept worrying about if the other Dwarfers were going to survive their own work assignments.

Several hours passed, and the excruciating process continued. Combine, test, desperate and repeat until you have the target result. The only problem, and a major one, was that no combination was working.

At lunch Artemis decided to stop and review what combinations hadn't worked, and why they didn't.

"I don't get this, some of these are the combo that we're looking for. They're just not compatible with the XL1 genome. I don't get it, what made it work last time?" Artemis wandered the lab, thinking about the last time he performed the experiment.

"Had this been 3,000,000 years prior I could have just had Charon fax the experiment reports to me, but I doubt that is available to me here. Damnit!"

Frank loaded Alexis' sample into the computer and toyed around with it. He ran different samples past it, eventually finding something that might have worked.

"Artie, I found something" Frank said.
"How, we examined all the samples!"
"Not this one"

Dr. Pritchard it said.

Artemis examined the two samples. One was Alexis, one was Artemis. The part of Alexis' genome that was missing was from Artemis.

"Oh my god, I actually am her genetic father" Artemis said. "I'm a father...and Lindstrom is banging my...." Artemis vomited into a syringe disposal bin.

"So..." Frank asked.

"I have to mix my DNA into this...I have to be the surrogate father of Lindstrom's kids"


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