"Taxi for Blue Dwarf?"

With a clanking, and a rattling Jay came round.
He hadn’t been asleep, just…dozing. His neck feeling as though it were on fire from the way his head lolled forward. He lifted his head and looked around.
Yep still here.
Still in solitary.
Which was worse than it sounded. He wasn’t just locked up in a small room, all alone. He was locked up in a room, that wasn’t as tall as he was, so he couldn’t stand up straight. It was also too narrow that he couldn’t lay down…not that he could have tried.
His wrists were shackled, and the shackles chained to the walls by short chains that prevented him from lowering his arms, which were forever raised at his sides, bent at the elbow – unable to stretch fully due to the width of the room. The shackles dug into his wrists sharply, blood pooling around their edges, stopping Jay from relaxing his legs which were bent at an awkward angle as he wasn’t able to stand up straight. His legs, bent as they were were still doing most of the work in keeping him upright, as the moment he’d relax the shackles would gouge into his wrists and cause immense discomfort and pain.
His ankles too were shackled. The chains attaching them to the floor, and giving him little to no slack to shift his weight or move his feet more than half an inch or so in any direction.
All things considered, he’d been more comfortable.
He sighed deeply and rotated his neck in all directions, unable to massage the back of his neck to ease the muscle strain.
He wrapped his fists around the chains that held him and noisily yanked at them for the umpteenth time in the vain hope he might be able to work them free.
Realising the futility he dropped the chains and muttered some unsavoury words under his breath to no-one in particular.
He tried to kick a piece of rotten food debris that lie on the floor, inches from his foot, but couldn’t reach.
A clattering noise came from behind him.
“eeeee” whispered a voice.
Jay looked down.
“You!” Jay said “Oh man, I’ve never been so happy to see you…Mini…Phil…why do we call you mini-phil? It’s not like we know any other Phils..”
“How did you get in here?”
“Ee…eEEE.eee!” he pointed excitedly behind Jay, who craned his neck as best he could to look, in the ceiling above and behind him, the small life support vent had been broken out from the other side. The people who built this place clearly hadn’t accounted for midgets.
Mini-Phil began to climb up Jay’s front, thrusting (unintentionally) his crotch in Jay’s face for a second, and reaching out along Jays arm, pulled out a straightened paperclip and picked the lock on the shackle on Jays right hand, unlocking it and freeing Jay’s arm.
Jay took the paperclip from Mini Phil after he jumped to the floor and freed his other arm, followed by his legs.
“So now what?” he asked, rubbing his wrists.
“EEE!!” Mini-Phil said, pointing back at the vent.
Jay nodded, getting the idea, and lifted Mini-Phil into the vent.
He heard a clattering as the midget moved around above him, then again from the other side of the door before it slid open. Mini-Phil standing triumphantly on the other side, two GELF guards unconscious on either side of him.
Mini-Phil made a ‘wafting’ gesture behind his rear end.
“…” was all Jay could muster.
He exited the room, and scooped a gun from one of the guards as Mini-Phil did the same, before heading down the corridor.
“EEEE!” snapped mini-Phil.
“What?” Jay asked, turning to face his rescuer.
“ee.” The dwarf was holding out a device at arms length toward Jay.
“Oh right…” Jay took the device and pressed a green button, and the shock collar around his neck sprung open and fell to the floor.
“Where are the others?” he asked.
Mini-Phil pointed in all directions…
“So everywhere?”
Mini Phil nodded.
“Are any of them together?”
“Eee” he nodded again.
He made ‘charades’ gestures to suggest that Jaxx and Evelina were together in one location, Artemis in another, Jamie and Alex in another, Plisken elsewhere again and the others altogether on a nearby planet which he indicated by pointing out of a window.
“Ok…we’re stronger in numbers…” Jay said “Let’s get to a shuttle bay, this place must have some escort shuttles or fighters we can hijack…we can free the guys on the surface, arm them and then storm the prison from the outside…I’ve not come across a ships defence system I can’t out-fly yet…”
Mini-Phil nodded, and the unlikely duo made their way to the hangar bays.

An hour later, the Dwarfers, prisoners and guards on the surface looked up with a start, as from the air, an assault shuttle open fire on the watchtowers and landing craft.
Taken by surprise there was nothing the guards could do, and they scattered as their ships and towers were destroyed.
The shuttled lowered so that it hovered a few feet from the ground, rotated so that it’s aft hatch was presented to the gathered workers before it’s cargo door opened. Behind it, Mini-Phil and Jay stood, toting guns.
“COME ON!” Jay shouted to the assembled Dwarfers, “NOW! MOVE!!”
Katrina nodded, and taking Cass by the hand led the charge toward the craft. Before she could get close however, an anti-aircraft missile streaked across the sky and ploughed into the side of the shuttle. Jay and Mini-Phil throwing themselves clear just in time as the shuttle spun in the air before crashing into the ground in flames.
Chrysler and the dwarf rolled across the sandy ground landing at the feet of a group of guards, who aimed their weapons at their heads.
Jay and Mini-Phil held their hands up in surrender.
“Worth a shot right?” Jay said…

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