Chain's Addiction

As Jaxx rolled around he had an odd feeling he was being watched. As Jaxx entered an open area he saw several sacks of Absorbent Material (kitty litter). After Jaxx saw the granules leaking out of one of the large sacks he got an idea. Jaxx quickly lashed his chain around and tore the sacks to shreds. As the sacks were shredded kitty litter flew all over the open area and covered the floor. Jaxx then played the only song left in his MPG player (Yummy Yummy Yummy by Ohio Express) as he danced in the open floor.

Evelina chuckled as she watched Jaxx from a distance. Victoria looked at Jaxx like he was insane as she whispered to Evelina, “Is he crazy or just really stupid?” Evelina smiled and whispered, “Yes. Isn’t he awesome?” Victoria thought to herself, “Why me?” The canaries then watched as Jaxx did a skutter dance out in the open for about a minute till the creature quickly rushed out to attack Jaxx , but slid on the kitty litter past Jaxx and into a large chemical tank. Jaxx prepared his chain as the monster stood up to reveal itself to everyone. As the Polymorph changed its shape to a Dingotang, Jaxx muttered, “You are one totally gruesome dude yo.”

Victoria Williams patiently aimed at the polymorph and waited for a clean shot as Jaxx continued to taunt it with his dancing. As the poly morph continued to change its shape into horrible monster forms, Jaxx was able to use the chain and kitty litter to keep his distance from the polymorph. Out of frustration the polymorph transformed into a T-Rex and began chasing Jaxx all around the cargo bay. A pissed off Victoria yelled, "Oh Crap! What the hell is that idiot doing now?" Evelina replied, "This stuff happens all the time. Just get ready for when Jaxx to give us the signal." Victoria looked at Evelina as she replied, "If he fails he is dead you know." Evelina smiled and said, "You don't know Jaxx." As the canaries watched from the hidden corner of the cargo bay Jaxx quickly sped through the isles and crates to avoid the the giant T-Rex behind him. The T-Rex almost caught up to Jaxx as he turned to see the chomp that missed him by inches.

Jaxx used his speed and small size to cut through small isles to make it hard for the T-Rex to get to close. After the T-Rex led a path of destruction all over the cargo bay Jaxx led the T-Rex toward the canaries. Victoria and the other canaries looked at Jaxx in shock as they waved him to turn away. As Jaxx grew closer Victoria and Evelina held up their dart guns and aimed at the incoming dinosaur. Soon Jaxx passed them up and quickly turned around to see the T-Rex jam it head between the two large chemical tanks which trapped it for a short while. The T- Rex struggled to reach Jaxx with his nubby arms, but it was no use since they barely reached past his belly. At that moment Victoria yelled, "FIRE!!" and the canaries unloaded their dart guns into the belly of the T-Rex. Then Jaxx whipped his chain out and snapped the T-Rex in the daddy bags . The T-Rex made a horrible whimpering sound as Jaxx continued his lashing without mercy. After six to nine lashes the polymorph turned into a demonic rabbit and tried to hop away but was having trouble using its legs.

Jaxx pursued the polymorph and whipped it as it struggled to escape. Eventually between the drugs from the darts and the beating it took from Jaxx, the polymorph collapsed out cold in the open area of the cargo bay. After making sure the poly morph was not moving he pulled a storage container from nearby and stuffed the polymorph into it and locked it shut. Victoria dropped her jaw in shock as she watched the little skutter contain the polymorph. Evelina smiled and said, "Isn't my Jaxx awesome?" After a deep sigh Victoria ordered the rest of the canaries to find the missing canaries and their guns. Luckily the missing canaries were just out cold and missing part of their personality from the polymorph's attack. After Victoria had the canaries move the sealed crate to a secure location she collected the dart guns and led them to the briefing room. On the way back Evelina hugged on Jaxx as much as she could as she told him how awesome he looked taking on the polymorph. Jaxx was just happy to get time with Evelina as he listed to her go on and on.

After being debriefed Victoria sent the canaries to gym for exercise and personal time till lunch time since they accomplished their mission with no losses. As Victoria reported her mission details to her Warden, The canaries were enjoying their time out of their cell. Jaxx and Evelina sat in the corner as she smothered him with as much affection as she could before they would have to go back to their cells. Evelina whispered to Jaxx, "Hey Jaxx how come Victoria doesn't recognize you?" Jaxx replied in his Vader voice, "Dunno Eve babe. Like maybe that Lindsey dude messed with her head like he did Miss Jones." Evelina agreed and went back to snuggling up to Jaxx. Jaxx enjoyed the company of Evelina but after seeing his chronometer he realized he needed to get help if he was going to free Evelina before his five years were up.

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