A few hours later….

“Stop wriggling…I can’t get it in if you keep moving about like that…”
“But…I’m scared it’ll hurt…”
“Just try to relax”
“I can’t…”
“It’ll be fine, I’ll be careful. I’ve done this before, remember?”
“I just…I don’t want it to go wrong”
“Nothing will go wrong. I promise. Believe me, you’ll feel a lot better when I’m finished”
“You promise you know what you’re doing?”
“I did it to myself earlier!”
“That’s not the same…”
“Well no, but this time I can use both hands…now please, stay still…”
“Would you rather the midget did it?”
“I…I can’t believe you…..fine....I’m ready…”
With a clunk, Cass’s collar broke away..
“See” said Jay, retrieving the straightened paperclip he’d picked the lock with “Piece of cake”
Cass rubbed her neck.
“Better?” Jay asked.
“Itches.” She replied “But, yes…thanks…”
“It might take a while before you can think straight again…” Jade said “Of course, I have no basis for comparison, but the mind does need time to recover from most traumas…”
“Which is why I unlocked you first.” Jay said, looking over his shoulder for a second as he unlocked Katrina’s collar “I need you thinking asap…”
“So what is the plan anyway?” Katrina asked as her collar fell away, and Jay rubbed her neck gently, looking into her eyes for a second with a smile, before he moved on to release Jamie.
“I got a good look at the shuttles navi-comp while I was on the way over here…and the timelogs.”
“From what I could tell, the year is…well…we’re in OUR time, give or take a few centuries…”
“How does that help us?”
“Well…judging from our location…and extrapolating, compared to the Dwarf’s last known position before the accident and well..….I can’t be sure…but..I reckon it’s only a few lightyears from here…”
“How does that help us?” Jamie asked
“Well…” he continued “Theres a lot of tech around here we can cannibalise…back near the mine, the trashed droids, the remains of the shuttle, the mining trucks….if you, Kitty and Cass can work together…well, I reckon you can find a way to link up with Holly…I dunno, maybe he can dispatch some shuttles to pick us up.”
The group looked doubtful.
“Hey, I know it’s a long shot…but we have to TRY right?”

<tag – of course it won’t work….and of course we’ll get recaptured, but it gives us something to work to for now right? The question is, HOW does it all go wrong? I know the time period hasn’t been stated, but Artemis commented that “3,000,000 years ago he would have had Charon fax something” – so I took that to mean we’re closer to our own time than anywhere else…>

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