Incredibly Bored & Stupendously Annoyed

<Realised I didn't say what I have been ordered to well its janitorial duties :/>

Herbie laid against his cell wall. "Bored, so bloody bored..." Herbie sighed.

"Quiet Columbus," the guard screamed.

"Sorry Twonk," Herbie laughed. He prodded his shock collar with his middle finger hoping he would somehow deactivate it, obviously he wouldn't though.
"Times like this I could be surfing in New California," Herbie continued.

"Are you ready for you're first day of work Mr Columbus?" the guard asked.

"Work, what work?" Herbie asked surprised.

"Yes janitorial duties," the guard giggled with a synthetic grin.

"Oh shucks," Herbie sighed again. He stood up as a mop and bucket was pushed through the small hatch in the jail bars.

"You can start in you're cell!" the guard ordered.

"Order me again Twonky!" Columbus giggled. He sat up and continued out of the room, he began to mop the stained floor.

"Better be a good cleaning," the guard laughed as he walked off.

Herbie looked down at some dark black oil smudged on the ground. "Hey Twonky, one of yer' friends had a leaking problem or something?" Herbie giggled as he began to clean it up.

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