Not Who I Seem Pt.1

<Sorry about my inactivity! Boyd Weathers back on duty!>

Through the air like the canary he is, Boyd takes the transport to the last known location of the miners. This is a hard task for Boyd, he likes the dwarfers, they're his friends and he doesn't want to hurt him. His co-pilot turned to him,

"So, you ready to give it to those miners?" He said, Boyd didn't respon back, his frown just got bigger.

"What's wrong with you?"

"Boyd sad." Boyd said,

"Aw, sad because you have to fight your friends? Come on, they're the bad guys here."

"But! But, speaking hypothetically here, ready for this? What... if they aren't?"

"But! But, just telling the truth here, they... are."

Boyd looked back towards the windsheild,

"Focus on flying, I'm hitting the john."

Boyd kept flying, he started to get progressively worse as they were getting closer, he began to think to himself,

"This isn't right, these are my friends. What would Chet do? Well, he would decompose... Wait, that's it!"

Boyd kept flying and started to crack a plan in his head, as he started flying he started to turn off the hydraulics one by one to make it look like the ship was getting damaged by something. The ship started shaking dramatically and started to lose altitude, the canaries in the back started to panic. The co-pilot bursted in,

"What the hell is going on?!" He yelled

"Oh no! The ship is out of... carburetor. We're going down! Oh no!"

The co-pilot strapped back in as he and Boyd started to try and crash land the ship. They hit the ground with a mighty thud, the ship started to slide across the landscape before eventually flipping and coming to a stop. Boyd and the co-pilot hung upside down in the cockpit as the canaries were spread out all over the back. Boyd turned to the co-pilot,

"Oh noes! This was an unfortunate event that I have nothing to do with!"

"Shut up Weathers, let's get out of this death trap." The Co-Pilot said,

Boyd tried to cut himself loose from the seatbelt, he hit the roof of the cockpit and crawled out through the broken windshield,

"Out of all the crashes I caused, this is the best." He said to himself


If anyone was around to see the crash.

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