Canaries vs. Miners

Who: Canaries
Where: Dropzone 3
When: About 10 minutes later
“Canaries!” Victoria yelled above the whining howl of the Warbots unfolding out of the dropships and deploying behind her “Today is when you earn the privileges of your rank”
“This is a standard recapture exercise” she continued “For those of you amongst us who have never participated in one of these, our orders are simple: Each and every single man and woman on this planetoid is to be considered an escapee and must, therefore, be terminated with extreme prejudice”
She paused to let this sink in as she gazed out at the massed ranks of the Canary troopers
“I need not remind you of the punitive penalties facing us all if we fail, or what will befall our lovers, our friends and all our fellow inmates left behind
“For the greater good of the entire prison population, everyone on this planetoid must die”
Blinking rapidly, Victoria hauled her helmet on and swallowed the lump in her throat before continuing
“Lock and load troopers” she yelled, mirroring what was happening at the other nine dropzones “Time to earn your pay!”

Jaxx and Evelina were right behind Victoria Williams as she led her canary squad into combat. They could see other ships hovering ahead as huge combat mechs jumped off the ships and to fall about a hundred feet above the ground. The combat mechs landed with a huge powerful crater-causing thud, causing the debris from the crater to fly all around them like a grenade. The miners began firing at the mechs as they slowly advanced. The combat mechs wasted no time launching smoke and tear gas grenades at the miners as they advanced. Williams said, “Ok you worthless maggots we are going to take up support positions and lay cover fire for the mechs. When the mechs move up we will advance to the next position to protect them.” Evelina asked, “Why do we have to kill them?” Victoria looked at Evelina with a mean face and said, “If you don’t do as you are told Lindstrom will punish you and anyone you hold dear to you.” Victoria looked at Jaxx and then back at Evelina before saying, “Understand?” Evelina was paralyzed by shock and fear as Victoria’s words overwhelmed her mind. Evelina looked at Jaxx while she shook in fear. Jaxx still sounding like the asthmatic Vader replied, “Not cool man. This is totally messed up dude. You mean that heinous douche bag like gets off to this non-righteous violence?” Victoria showed a small amount of pain and fear in her eyes as she hesitated before nodding yes.

Jaxx responded with his heavy asthmatic breathing as he thought about his next move. Evelina shook in fear from Victoria’s words. The other canaries sat nervously as they waited for their next orders. Jaxx used his claw head to look at Victoria and said, “Yo Ms. Williams keep Eve babe safe and like stick to support stuff. I’ll go in alone and deal with this most heinous task.” Victoria looked at Jaxx and replied, “Look skutter boy you may have some skill with that chain but we have our orders to kill them all!” Jaxx paused with his Vader asthmatic breathing before saying, “I will do this most unholy task alone then. You dudes will just get in my way and stuff. Just like cover me till I am in the smoke and stuff.” Victoria clenched her fists in anger and then looked at the rest of the canaries. She knew they wouldn’t last long in a real fight since she and Jaxx seemed to be the only highly trained fighters. As she contemplated her thoughts she finally relaxed her fists and replied, “Fine but remember if you die out there you friend here won’t last long when we have to move in.” Jaxx looked at the fearful Evelina and said, “I’ll totally be back Eve babe.” Evelina’s eyes began to tear up as her hands trembled. Evelina muttered, “Please keep your promise to me.” Jaxx nodded his claw head and replied, “Will do Eve babe.” Then Jaxx uncoiled his chain and adjusted his grip on it with his claw head as he said, “NOW!” Victoria ordered the canaries to lay cover fire for Jaxx as he sped off towards the smoke grenades and giant combat mechs.

After Jaxx made it to the smoke screen he used his sensors to see what was around him. As he passed by the miners he whipped his chain to whip the miners in the head and then sweep them off their feet to knock them out quickly. As the combat mechs followed him from behind they quickly killed the unconscious miners. Jaxx used his speed and small size to take the miners from surprise one by one. However he prayed he wouldn’t come across the crew-members as he advanced with the combat mechs. Victoria slowly advanced from behind with the other canaries to lay cover fire for the mechs. As they slowly passed the dead bodies the reality began to set in for some of the canaries as they knew it was either them or the miners. Their hate for Lindstrom began welling up inside even more. Victoria looked at Evelina and said, “Looks like your hubby is making it easier for us and the combat mechs.” Evelina tried not to cry as she replied, “Yeah……….my Jaxx would destroy the universe just to save me. Victoria replied, “I can relate to that. As long as we hold some one dear to us Lindstrom will use it against us.” Evelina smiled as a tear rolled down her eye and then she said, “Lindstrom is an idiot if he lays a finger on me.” Victoria looked at Evelina confused as she asked, “How so?” Evelina smiled with tears in her eyes as she said, “When Jaxx was in his GELF body he survived wounds that would have killed a simulant on several occasions. He survived a fatal virus that destroyed his mind. He even gave up his body to save me and the crew. He may only have an IQ of 2 but he would rip time and space apart of it would save me. What do you think he would do if Lindstrom killed me?” Victoria looked shocked at Evelina as she was unable to reply. Evelina’s words hit to close to home for Victoria as she clenched her fists for a moment to regain her focus. After regaining her focus, Victoria continued to lead the support team behind the mechs to ensure their victory.

TAG (Jaxx will try to avoid fighting the crew if they hide or run. If you do fight him he will only try to knock you out. Also will the jelly monsters come out and play to?)

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