Nightmare in Paradise, Part III

<snip: "I am Judge Marco Megalodon Johnson, your greatest fear! I have been sent to your dream world to punish your conscious after you cheated the surfing championship, do you not realise what long term effects cheating at surfing has?" Marco question he began to wave his hammer.

"What are you on about?" Herbie looked up confused.>

"Wilburforce Mathias Monk, true champion of the 1321th Annual Intergalactic Surfing Championship Olympiad. The children of California Prime saw him as a true source of inspiration and a hero. But after you cheated he suffered from depression and drug abuse!" Marco roared.

"No!" Herbie screamed. "Say its not true, say its just a story" Herbie whined placing his arms over his head and defending himself.

"The S.J.S also known as the Shark Justice Society has evidence, shortly after Wilburforce jumped off the new Golden Gate bridge his intentions were suicide but in the end he got eaten by a shark" Marco explained. A floating screen emerged from beneath the ground and started flashing images of a Wilburforce inside the belly of a shark.

"No its horrible, please don't show me the horror! The horror!" Herbie cried, normally he wasn't this pathetic. What was going on, why was he acting like an actress winning an Oscar, he wasn't meant to be like this.

"You Herbie Columbus will be executed by the S.J.S, a beheading should do. Lets make things interesting..." Marco began. He paused as he thought of all the ways he could humiliate this sarcastic git. "I have got it, you Herbie Columbus must recite the lyrics from terrible Eurovision songs while intoxicated in a convincing swedish accent!" Marco laughed as he imagined that sight.

"No not Eurovision!" Herbie cried. Suddenly he began to ascend up towards a hill where a shark dressed in executioner fancy dress waited. What was wrong with Herbie's mind anyway.


<OOC: Sorry I have to end it here, I have a school project that has to be in today. Come back next time for the thrilling conclusion in the Herbie Columbus adventure! Will the sharks humiliate Herbie, will Marco's affair with his secretary be revealed and will any of it make sense? Probably not.>

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