Crystal Revelations

Since the pictures were drawn form a Gibble’s perspective they were not always clear, however as Eve remembered the note she found in the bottle the story began to make sense. The Gibbles apparently have been living in fear from the city for a long time since the odd looking residence of the city would sacrifice any creature they found to the monster with long arms in what appeared to be a pyramid. Then a metal bird or perhaps a ship landed and tall creatures, which looked like humans, came to the city. Then the humans were sacrificed to the monster as well. Then the metal bird tried to fly away and turned into a sun, which was most likely, the ship exploding. The poor drawings did make it hard to get any details of the monster in the pyramid or the servants of the monster. Eve realized she had a problem so she gathered some commonly used items the Gibbles were using and like she had seen on here explorer movies had the Gibbles identify each item in their language. Evelina used the white chalk rocks to write down her translations to keep track of. It took half an hour just to get the translation for a stick, but as each item was introduced it became progressively easier. After a while Evelina began to see a pattern in the language, but she was a long ways from having a normal conversation in their language. Evelina hoped she could learn enough of the Gibble language to by daybreak so she could find the others.

After several later, Evelina was making a big break in translating the Gibble language. Evelina was now able to understand the basic words with the exception of the verbs, which tended to have multiple meanings. For example De poppa (de poppa) could mean upper or top so it could refer to a hat, the sky or the top of a cave. After identifying as many words as she could Evelina was able to see the meaning behind the crystals in the cave. According to her crude translations the yellow crystals gave off a yellow light when moved by sound or vibrations. The Gibbles used the yellow crystals as a light source. The blue crystals got cold when moved by sound or vibrations, which was an endothermic reaction. The blue crystals were used to keep food cold or on sore feet. The red crystals were the opposite of the blue and got hot when moved by sound or vibrations causing an exothermic reaction. The Gibbles used the red crystals to cook with or use to warm up their beds. The green crystals were considered dangerous since they reacted to both heat and cold differently. If tied to a red heat crystal the green crystal for about half a minute the green crystal will begin to grow into a spiked green crystal bouquet that is roughly two square feet big. If tied to a blue cool crystal the green crystal for about half a minute the green crystal will explode like a grenade.

The Gibbles used very small crystal samples to demonstrate for Evelina. After seeing how useful the crystals were Evelina worked with the mining Gibbles to collect some crystals for herself. To keep the crystals from causing any problems Evelina made a few fur pouches to store her crystals separately from the scrap material laying around. The Gibbles were amazed by the pouches that Evelina had made, and had her teach them how to make them. After an hour to teaching the Gibbles to make clothing and bags Evelina had a snack of bugs and fruit with the Gibbles. Evelina was fascinated by the stories they would tell her even though they were still hard to completely decipher. After story time many Gibbles went to sleep and Evelina was escorted back to the room they let her use. As Evelina thought about what she had learned she wished she had her bag and communicator with her to tell the others about the Gibbles. Hopefully they were not looking all over for her since she had no way of finding her way back in the dark, especially with the spooky monster she encountered. Evelina thought some of the crew would like the Gibbles and find them interesting. Then Evelina began to wish Jaxx was with her also. After a big sigh Evelina told herself she need to stay strong and patient till they got back to the Dwarf. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for her and the crew.


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