Dark Visions

The Gibbles used very small crystal samples to demonstrate for Evelina. After seeing how useful the crystals were Evelina worked with the mining Gibbles to collect some crystals for herself. To keep the crystals from causing any problems Evelina made a few fur pouches to store her crystals separately from the scrap material laying around. The Gibbles were amazed by the pouches that Evelina had made, and had her teach them how to make them. After an hour to teaching the Gibbles to make clothing and bags Evelina had a snack of bugs and fruit with the Gibbles. Evelina was fascinated by the stories they would tell her even though they were still hard to completely decipher. After story time many Gibbles went to sleep and Evelina was escorted back to the room they let her use. As Evelina thought about what she had learned she wished she had her bag and communicator with her to tell the others about the Gibbles. Hopefully they were not looking all over for her since she had no way of finding her way back in the dark, especially with the spooky monster she encountered. Evelina thought some of the crew would like the Gibbles and find them interesting. Then Evelina began to wish Jaxx was with her also. After a big sigh Evelina told herself she need to stay strong and patient till they got back to the Dwarf. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for her and the crew.

In a Dream:
As Evelina slept her mind drifted off and she found herself in what appeared to be an old black and white episode of the outer limits. Evelina found herself floating through a vortex through time and space. As she floated in the vortex she saw many small windows of timelines such as dinosaurs, cavemen, Jay as Jesus preaching to his followers, King Arthur pulling Excalibur out of a stone, the French Revolution, World War one and two, the lunar landing, the JMC spreading across the universe. Suddenly a ghostly looking Gibble appeared before Evelina and pulled her into a window. A bright flash blinded Evelina as she was pulled into the window of time. When her vision slowly returned she found she was on a planet with the ghostly Gibble. As Evelina looked at the Gibble she realized she felt funny and examined herself only to realize she was also a ghost. Evelina freaked out and asked the Gibble, “Am I dead?” The Gibble ghost replied in his language but Evelina seemed to understand it now. The Gibble replied, “No. You not dead. Come I show you.” The Gibble ghost floated off into the forest. Evelina quickly followed the Gibble ghost and asked, “How can I understand you and where are we going?” The Gibble ghost replied, “I help you. Come I show you.”

The Gibble ghost led Evelina to a large city by a large pyramid. The people were similar to the Aztec natives of Earth. Then the Gibble ghost pointed up so Evelina could see the JMC ships landing nearby. Then the Gibble ghost put his hands on Evelina’s face and blinded her for a moment. After the Gibble ghost pulled his hands away Evelina saw the city looking much older and less kept. Evelina looked around and asked, “What happened? Where is the JMC?” The Gibble ghost pointed at the sky and said, “Look.” As Evelina watched she saw another JMC ship land and the crew investigated the area. They appeared to be from the exploration division. Then it hit Evelina as she remembered the events written on the letter she found. As she watched the natives greet the crew and welcome them to a feast. Then they were taken into the pyramid. Evelina shrieked as she saw a half stripped JMC female Captain try to escape from the pyramid. Before the Captain got far a huge octopus or squid tentacle arm came out of the pyramid and grabbed her and quickly pulled her back in the pyramid. Evelina was trembling in terror as she heard the woman screaming for help as she was dragged back into the pyramid. Then some squid like natives ran into the forest toward the JMC ship. As the last crewman tried to escape in the JMC ship he failed and the ship exploded above the city. A bright flash of the exploding ship blinded Evelina. When the smoke cleared she saw the city was in burnt ruins. Nothing survived the blast and even the bodies were gone.

The Gibble ghost pointed up so Evelina could see the escape pod from the ship crash and land. Then the Gibble ghost led Evelina to the last crewman. Evelina watched as the wounded crewman staggered from the damaged pod. After putting the message in the bottle and tossing it into the water the crewman was in a lot of pain and beginning to see things that terrified him. Evelina was horrified as the man hurt himself during his nightmares. His wounds were pretty bad and there was no medical aid anywhere. As the weary man lay helpless on the ground a Gibble snuck up on the man and put a bug in his mouth and made him bite it, then the Gibble ran off to hide. Evelina and the Gibble ghost watched as the man slowly became coherent again, and was confused as he looked around. Unfortunately the crewman’s wounds were to sever for him to survive but he died free from the nightmare he was suffering. Evelina looked at the Gibble ghost and asked, “What did he eat?” The Gibble ghost bent over and picked up a bug on the floor and showed it to Evelina. Evelina recognized the bug as the one the Gibbles included in her meals. Then the Gibble ghost said, “Eat.” Evelina found herself leaning over to the Gibble ghost and eating the bug from his fuzzy hand. Suddenly the world began to spin around her very fast.

End of Dream:
Evelina found herself back in the wicker bed in the Gibble cave. She was breathing hard as she looked around in confusion. A few Gibbles came to check on her and asked, “You ok?” Evelina instinctively replied in Gibble, “Yeah I’m good.” The Gibbles were shocked as they asked, “You speak our way now?” Evelina looked at the Gibbles and realized not only could she understand the Gibbles but she could speak their language to.” Evelina then looked at the Gibbles and asked about the bugs. The Gibbles told Evelina they are easy to find and like to live in dead wood, under rocks and in caves. The bugs are a normal part of their diet to keep the bad thoughts away. Evelina was happy that she made this revelation but then it hit her that the others were in danger. Evelina told the Gibbles her friends were in trouble and she needed a lot of bugs and a guide to save them. The Gibbles gave Evelina enough bugs to fill her pouch, a wood spear and drew directions to her ship on the cave floor. Evelina drew a map of the main landmarks on the animal skin she found. After gathering her other pouches of crystals and chalk Evelina thanked the Gibbles for their help and set off to find the other crewmates.

Evelina slowly worked her way through the dark forest. The moon light help her see a little around her but the yellow crystals gave her a better light source. Once Evelina figured out the position of the moon in reference to the cave and the pyramid city she was able to navigate her way a lot easier. It took Evelina a while to finally reach the area near the ship when she heard Cass and Jade nearby.

She staggered back from another unseen impact to collide with Jade, directly behind her, stumbling over the doctor's legs to land sprawled on her arse on the ground
Recovering quickly, Cass dragged her pistol out and, as Jade threw herself flat on the ground out of the way, she opened fire with a sustained burst
The air in front of the two women shimmered and warped, the shockwave from the blast dissipating after a couple of seconds to reveal two human sized, tripedal figures, standing not far away from them.
Whether they were wearing armour or not was hard to say, but one was equipped with a bulky device which it appeared to be attempting to operate, albeit with little success, while the other carried what was quite obviously a heavy energy weapon of some description. Levelling it at the two women, it barked something in an unintelligible language

Evelina realized that Jade and Cass were in trouble and quickly reached into her bag and pulled out a green and blue crystal. Then Evelina ripped off a piece of her lower skirt to tie them together. Then Evelina shook the crystals and threw them behind the shadowy figures as one of them aimed something at Cass and Jade while speaking a weird language. The sound of the crystals landing distracted the two shadowy figures as they turned to see what it was. Then Evelina yelled, “CASS! JADE! RUN!” Then the shadowy figures turned to look at Evelina and aimed at her, as Cass and Jade ran away. Evelina realized she was now in danger and ducked behind a tree just as the crystals exploded. The explosion sent the shadowy figures flying into a nearby tree and then to the ground. Evelina didn't want to hang around to see if the shadowy figures were dead or pissed off so she booked it back to the ship. Evelina ran with all her might and accidentally ran into Jamie who was walking to the ship with her bikini top in hand. Evelina’s force caused her to tackle Jamie as he fell backwards. The area was lit by the yellow crystals on the floor. As Evelina looked up she saw Jamie under her with a guilty goofy look and her bikini top in hand. Evelina quickly reached into her pouch and grabbed a bug and stuffed it into Jamie’s mouth and shoved his jaw shut to bite down on the bug. Jamie tried to struggle at first but was shocked when Evelina took her top back as she said, “Please eat it the bugs neutralize the mind control. Oh and thank you for finding my top. Lucky for me I still had my coverall on.” Evelina quickly told Jamie about her recent experience with the Gibbles, bugs, crystals, shadowy creatures and that the others were in danger.

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