It Gets Worse

"No..." Cass tapped on her pad and looked up in horror as the two robotic creations of hers headed towards the group. "No. No, no!" She tapped more furiously as she slid into cover of the treeline behind me.
"What?" I asked the question everyone was thinking but to scared to ask in her feverish state.
"Not us... Them!" She said, pointing at the robots, who turned and began to march away. Cass grimaced as she tapped in the command and they began to clear away. "I think the missiles are targeting our technology."
"What about Artie!" Eve gasped, hands to her face in a typical damsel expression of shock and worry.
"We can hope that it's only large objects can't we?" Jay said, observing tablet computer that was almost permanent feature with Cass. Just then the missiles detonated with a violent explosion that left my ears ringing slightly. Lighting up the darkness like a beacon of hope, then dying away to a burning pile of metal and slag. I shuddered and tried to push the darkness out of my thoughts. There were torches, and Cass and Jay were here. It was safe enough.
Apart from the fear aliens.
And the missiles.
And the exploding crystals in Eve's skirt.
And the other myriad dark horrors in the blackness of night.
I couldn't do it. I took a step closer to Cass and swallowed my fear. Well... Tried to.


As Eve looked around she saw the remains of the explosions. It appeared to look like the missiles destroyed the two deadly robots that belonged to Cass. Eve was very concerned now that Cass was without her bodyguards, because she was even scarier when she was cornered. Despite popular opinion, Eve believed Cass was way scarier than Jaxx when she was in a bad mood. As Eve thought about it, she was now concerned about a great many things. It was bad enough she had to go on Holiday without Jaxx, but now she and the crew were in danger from some kind of fear aliens. To make things worse the fear aliens were making the crew suffer from imaginary nightmares to the point that they can get hurt. Jamie got hurt from his last experience with the fear aliens and now needed some medical treatment, but that wasn’t going to happen since the aliens blew up the Starbug. Jade seemed distracted as well as her mood switched back and forth from a serious Doctor to a scared little girl within seconds. As for the rest of the crew they needed to find them soon before anyone else got hurt.

Just then Eve felt a tug on her skirt and noticed a Gibble trying to get her attention. Eve was a bit concerned that the others couldn’t see the Gibbles, and then realized she was a GELF and maybe that was why she could see them. As Eve listened to the Gibble she realized it found another bug and told her to eat it before the aliens could get into her mind. Eve then quickly snatched the bug and ate it without question. As a GELF Model eating bugs and bad food was part of her normal life. All GELF Models had a special stomach that could handle all kinds of food while maintaining the Model’s beauty. Of course this still did not sit well with others who had to watch them eat. Eve wasn’t sure if the others saw her eat the bug since she didn’t bother to look. As Eve was chewing on her bug the Gibble asked her to see how many crystals she had left. Eve looked into her four fuzzy purses to see how many green, blue, red and yellow crystals she had left. After showing the Gibble what she had, Eve closed three of her four purses. Then Eve pulled out two yellow crystals, closed her last purse and shook them like a glow stick till they began to glow brightly. Then Eve gave one to Jade so she could easily see Jamie’s wounds as she mentioned they glow when shaken.

Then Jay led them to the pyramid to meet up with Plisken and Phi. It was a long and scary walk as they were scared they would get attacked at anytime. Luckily for the crew they managed to avoid any more trouble as they arrived at the edge of the ruins. Jay had the women wait behind in the brush with the wounded Jamie as he went to find Plisken and Phi. Eve and Jade hid the yellow crystals under their clothes to dim the light while they waited. As they sat and waited quietly for Jay to return, Evelina felt a bit nervous spending this much time with Jade and Cass at the same time. Eve was afraid to say anything as she rubbed her hands nervously. Eve felt awkward talking to Cass since she gave the impression she hated Jaxx with a passion. Eve thought it best to not talk to Cass unless she had to since it would only make things worse for Jaxx if she did. Evelina looked around to see if anyone was coming as she tried to stay quiet.


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