Blue Screen

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The ILIAD device was a marvel of modern science (or, it was for at least a year after it came out, being outdone times over by holograms, eventually hardlight holograms, and cloning), Artemis loved that it let him stay alive indefinitely and that it allowed him to have children with his wife, but the one colossal downside...the OS was outdated beyond all reasonable belief.

All of the excitement on the planet below caused the antiquated ILIAD II Operating System to crash, sending Artemis into a pseudo-coma. Or, in layman's terms, he blue screened. He was eventually found by Herbie and Boyd and taken with the others back to Blue Dwarf.

The ILIAD came back online, the million year old robot and its countless subsystems slowly booted, bringing the equally as antiquated and "stability questionable" scientist it contained back to life.

The Missus and Holly had spent the past hour struggling with old ILIAD manuals trying to bring Artemis back to life, and were relieved that it had finally paid off.

"Hey dude, welcome back. Where you been?" asked Holly.

"OHIDON'TKNOW.....maybe.....I've.....beeeeeeen....DEADYOU.....STUPID....git" Artemis said, having no control over volume, speed, or tone.

The Missus tried to console Artemis, while at the same time stifling laughter.

"Come on Artie, it's kinda funny"
"ITMOSTCERTAINLY........" there was a moment of silence ""

Holly and The Missus broke into laughter.


Artemis fell to the floor with a loud thud, blue screening once again from the excitement.

The Missus rebooted Artemis once again.


The Missus interjected, telling Artemis to go home and rest instead.


The Missus instead ordered him to go home, telling him that she wasn't going to, quote, "drag his sorry ass back to the computer lab to fix him if he blue screened from the stress....again"

"" Artemis said ""

The Missus accepted what she believed was a compliment and told Artemis to go home.


Artemis returned home where he was immediately mobbed by his worried children. The Missus set out to find some help with either upgrading or modifying Artemis' OS.


The Missus is looking for help with upgrading Artemis' antiquated OS, if anyone with computer experience or robotic know-how is up to the challenge.

Artemis' vocal module is damaged, he has no control over tone, speed, volume, etc.

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