“Beat that”
That was it. The simple message scrawled in near illegible handwriting, in dry-wipe marker on the stasis booth glass.
Jay pulled his sleeve over his hand and wiped the text off and glanced inside.
The woman inside remained largely untouched, but the man who seemed to have squeezed in with her had had a monocle, goatee and handlebar moustache drawn on with the same marker pen, and a top hat placed loosely on his head.
Jay pulled open the door, grabbed a bottle of lager from the floor of the booth (the best place to keep things cold) and wiped the marker off the face of the man.
A few minutes later he re-sealed the stasis booth, and scrawled “I’ve seen better at pre-schools” on the glass and, taking a swig of the beer left the stasis chamber, leaving behind the frozen Seymour, clad in a French maids outfit, cheekily covering his crotch with the feather duster.
“Your turn” Jay said as he took a seat next to Phil at the bar in Parrotts. “You need to try harder…”
“I’m just warming up” Phil said “How you doing?”
“Meh.” Jay said “Still not sleeping. Hopefully this’ll help” he took a large gulp from a whiskey Phil had handed him.
“Why’s it keep happening Phildo…” Jay asked solemnly “Phi…she…she didn’t deserve that. If I’d not led us to the complex, she’d still be here…”
“Probably” Phil said “but then we’d also all be stuck down on the planet, with no way off, being plagued by our own worst nightmares. It’s not your fault”
“Wish I could believe that. It’s becoming a pattern. What did you see anyway?” Jay asked.
“Barney the dinosaur, morris dancers and clowns.” Replied Phil. “What about you? Rabbits?”
“Look, have you SEEN the size of their teeth! They’ll take off a fucking finger!”
“So it WAS Rabbits?”
“No. I don’t wanna talk about this Phil, can we just drink?”
“No! You have to tell me! I told you!”
“Just leave it”
“What was it?”
“Alright! It was Cass ok!”
“Cass? Your biggest fear was Cass?!”
…”No..I dunno…I figure it was metaphorical…I dunno what it means. Scared of getting too close to her again in case….I dunno..I lose everyone I get close to….I can’t let that happen again.”
“She’s over there with Jade!” Phil said, waving to the two women “HEY! CASS!, JADE! OVER HERE!”
“Oh for smegs sake…PHIL!”

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