Rise of the monkey

As he awakes form his long slumber Jox blinks to get use the light, with a big yawn and rising his arms in the air he jumps out.

"Its party time guys!"

Silence comes to him as he looks round seeing no one out of stasis with only few open.

"hmm that strange what going on"

Jox goes round knocking on stasis booths shouting at people to wake up but gets no response, after no luck he makes his way out into the corridor.

"Man this is boring why is no one here HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Even with no one about Jox still with a smile on his face thinking of all the tricks he can play and the smiles he can bring to people after a long time at Parrott's Bar,

"Oh I wonder if rest are waiting there having a drink hahah man wait till i get there guys!"

Jox get in to a runners starting poetion and shouts

" 3, 2, 1, GO"

and off he goes smiling all the way.

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