Jade, having showered and cleaned up spent less time that she would have liked tarting herself up for the night out with Cass. She had insisted that Cass go get changed herself, given that at the least, both girls needed a good shower after touching Jamie. she'd had to deal with all sorts of mes in her time, but that was... Special...

Shaking the thought aside, she loosely curled her hair, and for once, left it down. Slipping into an almost inappropriately short skirt and donning an off military green top she made sure the buttons were appropriately done up, v-neck style, for a night on the tiles. Accessorizing with a pair of black platforms, that made her a good five to six inches taller and a dash of pinkish lipstick. She nodded to the mirror and set out.


"Hey." She said, slipping into the seat opposite Cass in the booth and sliding a beer across to her friend.

"Christ, how can you walk in those shoes?" Cass asked, peering as Jade adjusted her skirt slightly as she sat down.

"Practice, when you are this short, you have to wear shoes this high to even get noticed." Jade smiled, holding up her beer and tilting it towards Cass. "To absent friends, and those who cannot be with us." Jade said, thinking of all the people that were still stuck in stasis.

"Absent friends" Cass agreed sombrely, chinking the glass bottle neck against Jade's.

…”No..I dunno…I figure it was metaphorical…I dunno what it means. Scared of getting too close to her again in case….I dunno..I lose everyone I get close to….I can’t let that happen again.”
“She’s over there with Jade!” Phil said, waving to the two women “HEY! CASS!, JADE! OVER HERE!”
“Oh for smegs sake…PHIL!”

"What do you think?" Jade said, eyeing the half pissed men cautiously.

"I dunno...." Cass said, a million things and conflicting emotions crossing her face in one go.

"Heh. Fair enough, let's make them work for it." Jade grinned evilly, looking across to the bar.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea..." The younger woman frowned, nervously peeling at the label on the beer bottle.

"Trust me, we are here to have fun right.... They... They'd all want us to..." she dropped her gaze to the table top and gave a sad smile. Before Cass could protest more, she got up and popped some coins into the jukebox. Naughties pop star P!nk began to blare out of the speakers in the bar.

I'm coming out so you better get this party started...

"You want our attention, you better work for it boys!" Jade said to Jay and Phil as she returned to the booth with more beer.


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