(Blue Dwarf) Frank Harris 'The people you met in places like these'

Orbital poultry facility
Harris made his way along the station's promenade, there were shops, bars and restaurants and a place there they sold breathing masks to deal with the smell. The promenade was on the other side of station where the chickens were kept but the smell still managed to reach this side of the station.
Harris had changed out of his uniform and into his usual off duty clothes that happened to make him look like his mercenary brother and he had scared the living day lights out of a few Blue Dwarf crewmembers.
Harris then heard something.
"Look, who do I have to threaten to get my hands on some supplies!"
"Look friend I like to help you out but I can't."
"My Voss will skin me alive if I don't get some meat!"
"Then maybe he can just eat you."
"Listen here voster! "
"Alright, alright. You want to speak to Jake, he'll give you a fair deal."
Harris walked up to the man who said his Bs as Vs and commented. "Having a little trouble, are we?"
The man looked at him and then said. "Voss. Wait a minute, you're not Vov! Oh vloody hell, you!"
"Hello Nester." Harris said.
"How do you know my name?" Nester asked.
"After your visit to my ship I looked over your file." Harris told the mercenary. "Where's Bob?"
"Look, the price on your captain and commander's head no longer exists." Nester told Harris.
"Where's Bob?" Harris asked again.
"Not here." Nester answered.
"Let's go somewhere we can talk." Harris told Nester.
Blue Dwarf
Lloyd looked around a corner, she heard that Harris was on the orbital poultry facility and she decided not to continue peeling those goddamn spuds. If she saw another raw potato with its' skin on she would go mad. She didn't care if Harris found out and there was no doubt he would.
The private noticed this ensign with long greasy hair, more to the point he was just greasy in general. Must be someone from engineering, Lloyd throught. He was making his way through the corridor in a hurry and as he passed her she grabbed his arm and asked. "Where's the fire, gov?"
The ensign looked at the private nervously and she introduced herself. "Private Penny Lloyd, security."
"Ensign Steev, engineering." He answered.
"No surname?" Lloyd asked.
"You'll only laugh at it." Steev told her.
"Why?" Lloyd asked and before he known it Lloyd had swiped his security card. "Steev Mackenzy, why would I laugh at that?"
"Don't you see how its' spelt?" Steev said.
"It's only a spelling mistake." Lloyd told Steev handing his security card back to the ensign. "It's not like you have it on your birth certificate."
The look Lloyd got from Steev told her otherwise. "You have got this spelling mistake on your birth certificate."
The ensign nodded.
"You on duty?" Lloyd asked.
"…" Steev started but was unable to finish.
"Good. I'll buy ya a drink, gov. Looks like you need it." Lloyd said as she dragged the ensign off to one of the bars located on the promenade.
Orbital poultry facility
Harris and Nester sat in one of the station's bars each with a drink in their hand. Harris was only slightly drunk with some of his senses left but Nester was totally ratarsed.
"That… that stiff shirt of a commander made it to captain?" Harris managed to say.
"Yea." Nester answered trying his best to remaining sitting on the chair and not lying on the floor. "He still… still thinks you are… are still lieutenant."
"Did you get … get a good price for him?" Harris asked and then emptied the half-empty pint glass.
"Na." Nester said before he belched. "Only… only paid half what… what we asked. But we… we got a good price… price for the other two through."
The two sniggered and gravity finally won and Nester ended up on the floor.
"Nester!" A woman in a long black coat and a bandanna on her head shouted from the doorway shouted. "I should of known I would find you in a bar totally ratarsed!"
The woman made her way over to Nester, grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up into a standing position.
"Oh look." Nester commented. "The vitch... vitch is vack." Nester sniggered and fell to the floor with a thud.
"Who are you!" The woman demanded of Harris.
"Frank Harris." Harris answered.
"Bob's brother?" She asked.
"Yep." Harris said. "And you most be Davina with the history of GBH."
Davina sat down at the table and said to Harris. "What if I said we have a deal to do with you?"
"Depends." Harris said. "What's the deal?"
"We ran into a mining ship a week before we tried for the bounty on the two most senior officers of the Blue Dwarf." Davina explained. "It was the ship you were looking for, the Red Dwarf. We are willing to trade the last known location of the Red Dwarf and its' heading for the mercenary you are holding in your brig."
"No trick?" Harris asked his mind began to sober at the sound of this.
"No trick." Davina answered. "You give us back our crewman and we'll give you the information that will put you one step closer to finding the Red Dwarf."
(To be continued)

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