Back To The Grind

"Ok everyone." the comm system crackled into life across the ship as Jay addressed everyone. "This is a prototype system, so there's no telling how it will interact with everything we have. Be prepared for anything."

Lights on the control panel lit up as the Higgs field generated, artificially reducing the ships mass to zero and beyond. The sub-light engines powered up, utilising all the power the core of the Sovereign could provide. The 'Dwarf began to move, albeit slowly. Acceleration was almost non-existent, however it did enable the ramscoop boussard collectors to suck in a lot more Hydrogen than it would normally. A fusion reaction began, and then...

"Ok, Here goes nothing." Jay said, and hit the control the team had wired from the Sovereign to the drive room.


"Was that it?" Jay said, looking around. "Did it do anything?"

Moments later, a bright white light engulfed everything visible, and persisted for several seconds, before dying back down.

"is that....?" Cass asked, looking out of the window.

"Fernandos?" Jamie asked, a wide grin on his face. "I'd recognize the flow of that river anywhere."

After hearing the announcement on the intercom Jaxx rolled up his chains and grabbed a bottle of water to guzzle down. As Jaxx was re-hydrating Evelina said, "Well that's our que Jaxx. Lets go pack our stuff before we meet up with the others.
Jaxx and Evelina left for their room after gathering their remaining snacks. Jaxx was hot and sweaty after an intense work out but Evelina didn't seem to mind. In fact she firmly grabbed his large sweaty arm and walked very close to Jaxx. Jaxx looked at Evelina and replied, "Sorry I'm all like nasty and stuff Eve babe." Evelina smiled at Jaxx and replied, "I don't mind Jaxx." Little did Jaxx know Evelina was intoxicated by the scent Jaxx was giving off. Apparently the pheromones that Jaxx was secreting from his pores was like chocolate to Evelina's nose. Evelina managed to keep herself from getting carried away since she wanted to save her dirty thoughts for their honeymoon. Evelina smiled at Jaxx as he was completely clueless to how desirable she found him at that moment. Little did Jaxx know but Evelina was scheming various possible ways to take advantage of him.

Jaxx looked at the happy Evelina and asked, "Yo Eve babe like any thoughts on wut we will face when we find the old dude?" Evelina looked at Jaxx and replied, "You mean Plisken?" Jaxx nodded and replied, "I'm sure the gray dudes and the blue dudes will totally be there and all but they are so not smart enough to take down 'Old Man River'." Evelina thought for a minute and replied, "Yeah your right Jaxx Plisken is like an old special forces soldier. It would take a highly trained group with some serious tech to just kidnap him off the ship without a trace. I imagine they prolly set up shop on Fernando's if that is the case. I won't lie I am a bit scared if we are going to have to take on anything like the prison forces again." Jaxx looked at Evelina and replied, "Cha I'll totally keep ya safe Eve babe." Evelina looked at Jaxx and replied, "I know but remember what I said before. No more killing unless I or Jay tell you its ok. I want you be more than what the others see." Jaxx looked at Evelina and replied, "I like understand and stuff Eve babe. I'll just have to work on knock out techniques then." Evelina hugged Jaxx and said, "Thank you for understanding Jaxx. This means a lot to me." Jaxx hugged Evelina back as he replied, "Cha Eve babe."

After arriving at their room Jaxx and Evelina packed their backpacks with snacks some simple survival supplies and some basic medical supplies. Jaxx also packed his chains as well as a pair of holo whips, some grenades and a few vials of his purple MACO steroid cocktails. Evelina on the other hand packed her pistol, an assault rifle along with some ammo packs and a survival knife. After packing their gear they headed out to meet with the others to get briefed by Jay.


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