Evelina was doing her best to put on a brave face for her situation. Eventually the module landed and they had to scavenge for supplies and leave before any welcoming party found them.

As the module touched down, Jamie hit the control to open it. The jungle before them filled their ears with sounds, and their eyes with potential dangers.

Jamie took a moment to take a few deep breaths, and sniffed at the air.

"What can you tell by smell?" Eve asked, curious.

"Whether something big or nasty has been here recently." He replied. "I'm not sure precisely where we are, but I can guarantee if we head towards that mountain, we'll find someone."

"How can you be so sure?"

"There's a thin wisp of smoke just above the treetops. There's a camp there, and the Ssala hide their camps like that. It's probably much bigger than it looks."

The two walked through the jungle for a while, Jamie using the only weapon he could find in the wreckage - a machete. No matter, it suited him better than a gun in this place anyway.

"Do me a favour though, don't shoot anything unless I say so." He asked, though it was in an authoritative voice, as if to say 'I know what I'm talking about'.

"Uhh, ok..." Eve replied, though if something charged them, she might not get a chance to ask.

After about an hour of walking, which got them quite far considering Jamie found them a Ssala made trail - designed for hunting and keeping unseen. Eventually, they heard voices.

"Who's-" Eve started, but Jamie shushed her, and listened.

"Ssala." he said quietly. "Hunting party, from the sounds of it." He listened more, trying to hear what they were saying.

(From here on, speech with * instead of speech marks is in Ssalan)

*Hello my friends!* Jamie called. The language was pretty simple, not having a huge number of different words for the same kind of thing.

*Jamie, is that you?* came the reply.

*Yes. We crashed... again. And we need your help.*

Eve looked on, not a clue what was being said. But Jamie's facial expression was that of friendship and safety, so she had no reason to fear anything.

Several of the creatures that they had met before came out of the jungle to greet them, Jamie hugged them all and introduced Eve, and explained that she didn't understand them. It was all very polite.

*We need to get the strongest of the tribe to bring our crashed ship to safety.*

--------Several hours later-------

Eve was left in safety at the Ssala camp - a well looked after arrangement of mostly mud & wooden huts, while Jamie and the Ssala warriors - stronger than the hunters, but usually not as cunning or stealthy headed to the pod to try and drag it towards camp.

*Haruk. They found it.* Said one of the warriors, who returned from a small scouting mission.

*Did they open it?*

*No. There were no visible openings.*

A short scuffle, arrows flying through the air, striking home in the weak points of the huge and powerful lizard-like creatures. It was a very short fight, the weaker Ssala used their speed and intelligence to their advantage, swarming the larger beasts like a pack of wolves swarming a bison.

Ropes were tied around it, and the more open coastal path was used to drag the large chunk of metal back towards the Ssala camp - to safety.

*Why do you need this?* one of them asked.

*I don't know what might be useful for my friends, and for you. It is better you have it than the Haruk.*

They returned to the village, and Jamie opened the pod, letting the Ssala scavenge what they could.

"You got it, then?" Eve said as she left one of the huts, to see the pod nearby. It was night now.

She awoke again, when soft drizzle fell on her face. The cool liquid bringing her around. The Ssala swam into focus and she remembered what had happened, they looked curiously at her, having dragged her out of the ‘bug and secured her safely with ropes. As Jade looked around, it became clear she was back at their camp, it was familiar to her, but she was not quite sure why. Children darted between the legs of the adults and she was sure, that one of the youngsters had… She blinked, thinking she must be seeing double. The Ssala didn’t have four arms.

The group flowed and ebbed, as if each tribe member was coming to get a good look at their prize. Jade could only hope that Eve and Jamie were near by, and that rescue was close at hand.

*Hey! Why have you tied her up?* Jamie asked, as he saw Jade tied to a post.

*You said we should salvage!*

*But she's a friend!* He said, cutting the ropes and helping her down. *She's with me.*

"You ok?" Jamie asked, as she seemed a bit wobbly.


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