Lessons in Life Even

“I…” Cass began, but it was too late. Jay had grabbed her wrist and was leading her off into the trees.
“Are we not even going to talk about this?” she asked as Jay led her away.
“What’s to talk about?” Jay said.
“You’re going along with a plan that JAXX came up with. Think about that for a minute. JAXX….The plan is stupid, dangerous and reckless…I...”
“I know right?” Jay said “I love it.”
“SSSH” Jay said “We’re getting close…”
Franky/Jaxx smiled and he gave himself a feminine hug as he watched an excited Jay and a nervous Cass run off. Franky/Jaxx said, “Oceans to Murgatroyd, even. They are such a cute couple. Maybe this little moment will bring them closer together right Jaxx?” Jaxx who was listening from inside his own body as Franky was in control for the time being answered, “Wow Master Franky, you’re totally good at this stuff.” Franky did a feminine pose and replied, “That’s just experience my cute apprentice. Don’t worry I won’t interfere too much with your relationship since your girl doesn’t hide her feelings.” Jaxx muttered, “About that…………I’m don’t think I…” Franky cocked his head to the side and replied, “Hush your mouth my dear boy or I will.” Jaxx nervously clamed up as Franky replied, “All things can be worked out in due time, but for now we have a job to do. So put your faith in your Master and watch how things get done even.”
The pair had circled around the scavengers, moving through the trees unseen and were now only a few feet from the grav-bikes. Jay leant around a tree, checking out the crash site from a fresh angle. The bikes sat just beyond the tree line, alongside the divot that had been gorged into the ground when the drive room crash landed.
He glanced back at Cass, a fist raised and raising one finger at a time, silently counted to three.
The pair moved, and each climbed onto a grav bike.
Jay immediately sped off, the howl of the bikes thrusters filling the air and making the scavengers turn to see what had happened, only to see Cass struggling to get the bike started.
Jay realised she wasn’t with him and circled around through the trees and pulled up back to the left of her. “What’s wrong?” he asked.
“I’ve no idea how to fly this thing!” she snapped.
“It’s a grav bike, you ride it, not fly it…”
“Hit the starter”
Cass hit what she thought was the starter, and two orbs of blue energy fired from the front of the bike.
“Pulse cannons!” Jay said “Cool! Look” he said, demonstrating on his own bike “Starter, clutch, throttle and…” he pointed at her left foot “Gears and..” he pointed at his right foot “Brake…now GO!”
He sped off again.
Cass managed to start the bike and set off, wobbling in the air. She twisted the throttle and the nose of the bike lurched upwards, and jolted forward, stalling. Managing to keep it upright she started the engine again and this time managed to pull away. As she began to build up speed she found herself bobbing slowly toward the ground until the bikes nose was scraping across the ground. Wobbling from side to side.

Franky/Jaxx smiled as he watched Jay and Cass lead most of the scavengers away in hot pursuit. This meant only four heavily armed men were left. Franky/Jaxx licked his lips as he said, “This will be fun even.” Franky/Jaxx snuck up behind the men and picked up a rock and threw it at a tree on the other side of him and the men. As the rock hit the tree the men turned and aimed their guns away from Franky/Jaxx. Franky/Jaxx smiled as he whipped a chain around the tree to quickly capture a scavenger and pull him out of sight. As the scavenger flew towards Franky/Jaxx he was knocked out cold as he landed on his head. Franky/Jaxx then looked at the other three men who were confused. Then Franky/Jaxx snuck around to the other side and repeated his rock trick to quickly remove another scavenger from the field. As the last two paranoid men realized they were being stalked they began to get jittery and pointed their guns at any sound they heard. Franky/Jaxx smiled as he simplify tossed a few small rocks around to make the two men edgy. Eventually the two men were ten feet apart with their backs to each other as they were pointing their guns at every noise they heard. Then Franky/Jaxx tossed a few rocks between them and they turned around to shoot only see each other looking terrified. As the two frightened men lowered their guard Franky/Jaxx whipped out his chains and knocked the last two men out cold. After that Franky/Jaxx stripped them men naked and tied them to a tree with some strong vines he found nearby. Franky/Jaxx then did a feminine pose as he said, “See my cute apprentice that is how it is done. No need to overdo it with too much violence even.” Jaxx replied, “Wow that was gnarly Master.” Franky replied, “Why thank you Jaxx. Well let’s find a nice spot to hide till your friends get back even. We can continue your training while we wait.” Jaxx agreed he found himself back at imaginary Preschool world in his mind.

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