Never Too Late

It was the smell of coffee that finally roused Jade from the soft pile of sleeping material she was curled up in. She’d been awake for hours, he head pounding and eyes closed. The village had awoken around her and she heard Jamie chatting happily away in Ssalan, the sounds of life bustling outside the darkened hut she was in.

“It’s never too late to start right?” Eve said quietly, handing the cup to jade with a smile. “Never.” Jade agreed, taking a sip of the dark liquid.

“Where did you get this from?” She asked after a few minutes with incredulity.

“From the ship, there was some in the stores. I also found this…” She held out an object nervously, with a degree of care offered only to high explosives and radioactive materials. Jade, took the object with just as much care.

“Oh dear… She’ll be missing this…” Jade sighed, turning over Cass’ tablet in her hands carefully. The device flicked into life as Jade turned it on, thanks to Kenneth and Artie’s ministrations, they’d doctored it into working down here for Cass.

“Maybe we can use it to find out who took Plisken or where he is?” Eve said, peering at the device over Jade’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m not sure…” Jade said, looking down at the device, which rather than the graphical systems she was used to was just lines of code and text. She frowned and typed in ‘Find Plisken’. The tablet churned out a few dozen lines of code, the meaning of which boiled down to ‘Bad command or File name.’ Jade sighed and handed the tablet to Eve. “You might have more luck.” She shrugged, “I’m just a Doctor. I can barely use one of these things.”


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