Insert Coffee To Begin

Evelina up early as usual since Model GELFs were designed to work on very little sleep as well as rotten food. It made them easier to take care of since in the past Models were high maintenance. As was scavenging around the damaged ship module she was hoping to find something useful for Jamie and Jade. Evelina found quite a few items that would be useful such as flashlights, food, a few survival packs and of course coffee. Evelina looked at the coffee and remembered what Jade had said to her before about not knowing what kind of coffee Jay drinks. Evelina looked at the large can of coffee and felt saddened by her past behavior. It was too late to change the past but maybe, just maybe there was a chance to set things right with the others. Evelina smiled as she said, “Well like Kwai Chang Caine (main character from the series Kung Fu) every journey begins with a first step.” Evelina hugged the coffee as she remembered how cool Caine was in the series and how Jaxx was a much bigger and less intelligent version of Caine. Evelina smiled as she said, “Wow I really do watch much tv. Maybe I should cut back and work on my relationship with Jaxx and the others. I don’t know if all of them will want to be friends but if it’s only some of them then that would be nice to. As Evelina was trying to stand up she slipped on a bottle of suntan lotion and fell on her back. Evelina was feeling a bit sore as she took the brunt of the hit on her back to protect the coffee can from being smashed. As Evelina lay in pain she saw something flicker out of the corner of her eye. As she turned over to see what it was she saw it was under one of the passenger chairs. Evelina slowly approached the object as she winced from the pain in her back. After Evelina reached the chair she stuck her hand out to grab the object only to see it was a data-pad. As Evelina looked at the data-pad closely she quickly realized it was the same one Cass used. Evelina’s jaw dropped as she realized Cass was probably worried sick for her favorite toy. Evelina said, “I need to get these to Dr. Black. I bet she will be happy to see both of them.”

After heading back with her score of goods, Evelina used the extra gear to make a nice pot of coffee. Then Evelina made three cups and put them on a tray made out of a wall plate. After giving Jamie a cup of coffee, Evelina found out where Jade was sleeping. Evelina then headed to where Jade was sleeping and waited for her to wake up so she could give her some coffee. As she waited Evelina sipped her coffee slowly and watched the sun rise in the sky. After a while a sleepy Jade emerged and Evelina sat up to meet Jade with a cup of Java.

“It’s never too late to start right?” Eve said quietly, handing the cup to Jade with a smile. “Never.” Jade agreed, taking a sip of the dark liquid.
“Where did you get this from?” She asked after a few minutes with incredulity.
“From the ship, there was some in the stores. I also found this…” She held out an object nervously, with a degree of care offered only to high explosives and radioactive materials. Jade, took the object with just as much care.
“Oh dear… She’ll be missing this…” Jade sighed, turning over Cass’ tablet in her hands carefully. The device flicked into life as Jade turned it on, thanks to Kenneth and Artie’s ministrations, they’d doctored it into working down here for Cass.
“Maybe we can use it to find out who took Plisken or where he is?” Eve said, peering at the device over Jade’s shoulder.
“Yeah, I’m not sure…” Jade said, looking down at the device, which rather than the graphical systems she was used to was just lines of code and text. She frowned and typed in ‘Find Plisken’. The tablet churned out a few dozen lines of code, the meaning of which boiled down to ‘Bad command or File name.’ Jade sighed and handed the tablet to Eve. “You might have more luck.” She shrugged, “I’m just a Doctor. I can barely use one of these things.”
Evelina looked at the data pad nervously. It was obvious that she was nervous about using Cass’s toys without permission. As she looked at the code written on the screen she began to remember seeing this code in some of her training classes. Somehow Cass managed to use simple code to do advanced processes and algorithms with amazing speed. Evelina was amazed how the code was set up and how scary smart Cass really was. After a deep breath Evelina began testing out some simple code phrases to access any information on the data pad. After a few tries Evelina got lucky and found “log” listed all the functions on the pad. As Evelina scrolled through the large number of programs she was again amazed how Cass was able to make such an advanced tool with simple code. Evelina was memorized by the code as she said to Jade, “Wow Ms. Jones is scary smart. Do you think she will get mad at me for use her data pad?” Jade sipped her coffee and then replied, “I think she will let this slide this time.” Evelina nervously swallowed as she continued to scroll for the programs she was looking for. After several minutes, Evelina found a program that looked useful and said, “Ok if I am right this program will show the energy signatures within range of the data pad and the Blue Dwarf sensors.” Jade sipped her coffee again and then said, “Well that could be useful if we could tell which signature is which.” Evelina nodded as she replied, “Ok here goes.” Evelina clicked on the program and watched as the code streamed across the screen. Evelina was in deed shocked as she realized something funny about the code. Evelina then giggled as she read the code. Jade asked, “What’s so funny?” Evelina looked up at Jade and said, “You’re not gonna believe this but it reads a lot like a MUD (Multi-User Domain) video game called “Amtgard” I used to play with a friend long ago. There are no graphics to the game only text and code. Of the code or words are highlighted with color to give different meanings.” Jade sipped her coffee and replied, “So you understand how to use the pad?” Evelina replied, “Well not a hundred percent since Ms. Jones uses a different code, but I am pretty sure I can get the jist of it. You see according to this pad we are the central point of the pad and if we go any direction the pad keeps us as the center. By reading what is in the area around us we can see the levels of the energy signatures around us. By using us as a reference on energy we can get an idea what a human, GELF and Ssala energy signature look like. Hopefully we can use this to determine where the others are and where Plisken is being held.” Jade then looked at Evelina and replied, “One problem with that is now we have to figure out the difference between the other creatures on this planet as well.” Evelina’s smile turned into a frown as she realized it was going to be harder than she thought. Then Evelina smiled again as she said, “Maybe Jamie can figure out something.” Jade sipped her coffee as she replied, “Worth a shot. Let’s talk to him anyway since we have no idea where we are.”

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