Here On Jamie's Island

"Morning. You guys ready to start moving?" Jamie asked, sticking his head inside the tent.
"Eve found Cass' terminal in the wreckage." Jade said, being the first to see Jamie, and quicker to react, since Eve was looking at the screen.
Eve held the display up to him, to see the output she'd managed to get of energy signatures. Eve handed it over.
"We were hoping you would be able to figure out which signatures are the others from this." Eve said as Jamie took it.
"Hmm." Jamie said, looking at it, scrolling it this way and that. "From the density, I'd say this only has a range of 5 miles or so. I bet this clump here." he said, indicating a large collection of marks, "is on the river bank where it meanders. If we delay for a couple of hours and go visit my old house, we can scan in the map I made when I was here last, and get some greater definition."
"I'm surprised Efof hasn't come down here to see us." Jade said. "Do you think he's even here?"
"He's not. I asked about him... Slavers came here and tried to take the kids. Efof gave himself up so they would be left." Jamie said, with a sad smile for Efof's bravery. "I also found out that with all the time jumps we've had, it's been 5 years since we were here last. That's why they didn't recognize you and tied you up." he added to Jade.
"That's... Horrible.." Jade said. "But that was very brave of Efof."
"So they'd forgotten most of us because we weren't here for very long?" Eve asked. "But they all remember you because you were here for... 10 years?"
A female Ssala voice interrupted them, and Jamie turned around, said something back, and then his head reappeared in the tent.
"Finish your Coffee and we'll head out. I'll be in the centre." Jamie said, and disappeared.

After Jamie left Evelina thought to herself, “Poor Efof he just wanted to have a peaceful life with his new wife. It’s not fair that we are constantly being denied a simple life. Jay lost his wife and child, Dr. Black lost Alex, Efof was taken away from his family and is probably dead for all we know and then all those new crew members were killed before we even got to know them. I know things have been rough with me and Jaxx but somehow he manages to survive despite the odds. Life just isn't fair.” Jade could see Evelina was showing a concerned face and said, “Something on your mind?” Evelina snapped out of her thought and quickly put on a false smile as she replied, “Oh nothing don’t mind me I was just missing Jaxx a little. I hope he isn't doing anything reckless.” Jade nodded and replied, “Understandable he does tend to act before he thinks.” Evelina smiled as she replied, “I know but I made him promise to obey Jay so I’m sure he will be ok now.” Jade raised an eyebrow at the nervously smiling Evelina and replied, “I see.”

Jamie walked to the centre of the Ssala village, where he spoke to the elder for a while. The conversation ended with a bow from both sides, and a younger Ssala handed him a bow and quiver of arrows. He slid them over his shoulder like he'd done it a thousand times, quickly and smoothly. Then, he sat on the dry dirt floor, closed his eyes and waited.
Shortly after, the girls joined him. He opened his eyes as they approached, and stood up.
"You meditate?" Jade asked, recognizing the position and signs.
"The Ssala taught me a few techniques when I was here last for suppressing certain feelings. How else do you think I survived here without human contact for 10 years?" Jamie replied.
Jade looked at him skeptically for a moment.
"What?" he said, defensively.

Evelina looked at Jamie and giggled as she replied, “Jaxx does the same thing too. I guess you both have that in common.” Jamie looked at Evelina who seemed to be in a better mood and replied, “I guess so.” Evelina replied, “From what I’ve seen on the tele it’s a common thing for warriors and survivalists to do to keep their focus and prevent them from becoming savages.” Evelina realized she was rambling and turned red with embarrassment as she replied, “Oh sorry I’m just rambling on.” Jamie smirked and said, “Right then lets head on out then.”

They all turned towards Jamie's old house, and started to walk.
They made the climb to the empty house to get the map, and see what else was there.

Evelina was amazed how well the house was kept up after all this time. Jamie was very skilled in making shelters as well fixing the ship. The house was a lot like the huts used on the show “Gilligan’s Island”, which was one of Evelina’s favorite classic shows. Evelina always wondered if a crew of cast-a-ways could really make the things on the show, but as she looked around she figured just about anything was possible when your life was on the line. Evelina continued to look around the place while Jamie was scanning the map he made of the areas he knew on Fernandos and Jade was helping him by keeping the map flat. As Evelina looked around she ended up looking at Jamie as he was working diligently on the scan calibrations. As Evelina looked at Jamie she realized he had been on this planet without any human contact for ten years. As she remembered some old episodes of “Gilligan’s Island” she smirked at the antics of Gilligan and wondered if life would really be like that if the crew was stuck on this island. As Evelina remembered a list of questionable situations on the show as she thought to herself, “Like why was the Skipper incompetent?, Why would he take his small vessel straight into a storm?, Wouldn't he have checked the weather?, If Gilligan was so dumb and accident-prone, how did he end up as a sailor?, Why would a famous movie star go off on her own on a charter boat?, What was a young, naive country girl from Kansas doing so far from home?, What was a super-rich couple like the Howell's doing on a small boat since he had his own yacht?, How come the small hole in the boat was never repaired?, The Professor was a professor of...what, exactly?, What brand of battery was in that radio?, How can an island so close to US territory not appear on any charts?, Was it a secret military base, a maritime version of Area 51?, How come they all had so many clothes for a three hour tour and how come they all looked so clean and groomed without common luxury items like soap and razors? Then Evelina turned red as a dirty thought ran through her head. Evelina blushed as she thought, “The cast-a-ways were on the island for fifteen years and not one of them ever had sex. That can’t be right no guy in their right mind could hold out that long. Hec even most women can’t hold out that long without a medical condition. It would be one thing if they were alone but they weren't so in reality they would have turned into sexual deviants…………Oh my god Jamie went fifteen years without being with a woman?” Evelina looked at Jamie who was very focused on his work as her thoughts continued, “Oh my, no wonder he gets focused on his work. It’s scary how much he and Jaxx actually have in common. I just hope being back at this place doesn't mess with his head to much. I imagine Jamie would be very scary if he turned into a horny savage.”

Jade looked up and saw an embarrassed Evelina and said, “Something wrong?” Evelina nervously smiled as she replied, “Oh no I’m ok I just remembered something embarrassing from the last time we were here.” Jamie looked up and replied, “You mean the farting mushrooms?” Evelina quickly remembered the incident in the past where Jade made curry with mushrooms that made everyone fart non-stop as she replied, “Ummmm. Yeah sorry I brought it up.” Jamie shrugged as he replied, “No biggie, it was a lesson learned.” Jade smirked as she replied, “I imagine it was embarrassing to have that experience in front of Jaxx huh?” Evelina nervously nodded as she bit her lips. Jade smiled and replied, “Well it obviously didn't keep you two from staying together so I wouldn't sweat it too much.” Evelina smiled as she replied, “I guess you’re right.” Jamie then replied, “So it looks like the scan worked and we have a better map to go by now so where do you think we should go? Our choices are simple try to find the others or try to find Plisken?” Jade and Evelina pondered over Jamie’s question as they weighed the pros and cons of the two options. Evelina replied, "I vote we find the others since we will need Jay and the others to make a plan anyway. How about you Dr. Black?"

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