If Tribals and Hitmen Weren't Enough, Part I

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My Dearest Missus

It has been some time since I last saw you. I have been somewhat...absent during these latest ventures with the others, but in recent hours, I have begun to return to normalcy as the reality of my situation sets in.

I find myself in the company of Mister Plisken, whom had disappeared some time ago during our time in Las Vegas. I also find myself in the company of two people whom I have never met before.....

"Artemis what the hell are you doing?" asked Plisken.

Artemis put his PDA back into his gearbag. "Writing letters to my wife, the ship therapist suggested it to me as a way to cope with stress, rather than forcing people into experiments. He did this back before I had a wife, so I used to write letters to Holly which....ugh....nevermind that"

Plisken went back to erecting a makeshift shelter to protect their campfire.

"So, Mr. Plisken, you have yet to tell me who these fellows are that captured you in Las Vegas, and chased us to this absolutely divine planetoid" Artemis asked as he returned to making a makeshift scattergun (a metal tube with a catapult mechanism that fired rivets and nails).

"It's a long story, I'm too exhausted to go over it right now, but it goes without saying that we have a history"

"You seem to have a history with everyone, Mr. Plisken"

There was a flash, and the rumble of thunder.

"I was just starting to think that this couldn't get any worse" said Arien.

There was a second flash, followed by a blinding flash, and a loud blast. Everyone at the camp ducked down as the shockwave flew over them, dropping foliage and what little remained of their shelter atop the group.

"What the fuck was that?!?" someone shouted.

"It was a bomb of some sort...." someone else replied as Artemis kicked on his ambient lighting, casting a dull blue glow on everyone.

"It came from that direction" Artemis said, pointing to the dull orange glow of fire. "Should we see what detonated the bomb?"

"It's better than waiting for it to do it again" Sven said.

The quartet slowly crept through the forest, the orange glow getting greater and greater until they came across what looked to be a camp.

"What the hell?" Plisken mumbled as the group slowly entered the anomalous camp.

"Look" Artemis said, pointing to an insignia on the side of a prefab building. "Pantheon, Serraco Enterprises' very own Private Military Company"

"What the hell are they doing all the way out here?" asked Arien.

"Who knows, Serraco had, and probably still has through some tedious means, so many illicit operations going on that it made the JMC look like Dudley Do-Right" Plisken commented.

The group pressed further into the camp. The prefab buildings, tents, and depots were heavily worn, leading everyone to believe that the camp had been abandoned for some time. Despite the wear, the camp still had power, somehow.

"Well, there's the bomb" Artemis pointed out, hovering over to a heavy transport that had been torn to shreds. The truck glowed red, still molten hot from the blast of whatever ordnance it had been carrying. "The lightning probably hit it, though what Pantheon was doing with a heavy bomb of that sort is beyond me"

Artemis continued to look around, and found a train of colossal wires leading around the camp. He measured the EM fields around the wires.

"This is where the power is coming from, but what's generating it? I'm going to see where these lead" Artemis began following the wires around the camp, intent on finding the source.


What do you guys find at the camp? It's been abandoned for an extremely long time, but currently has power. There's heavy weapons, vehicles, and probably some armor lying around. Also, there's probably a mess tent somewhere with food and drink if anyone is hungry. Artemis is currently tracing the source of the power.

The blast was probably heard by anyone in the immediate area, the fire is still going and you should be able to follow it to the camp.

I ask that we not get attacked as I've been asked to move us to the next part of the story with us discovering something, but I've got to go to work.

I'll post later with the next phase and the 'big reveal'

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