Tara scattered into the jungle in a haze of red and fury. She was so pissed off at everything, and just when Jay was about to explain it all to her those smegheads had interrupted and tipped her over the edge. She was beginning to understand why Amber found it so hard to keep her anger under control… But no… Because… Everyone had died hadn’t they? Cass said they were all dead. Everyone who wasn’t here… Including… She choked on the feeling and collapsed to the ground, sobbing into the foliage at the thought of her children having died.

It was darkening when the screams tore her from her memories. Memories of a jungle much like this one, with the other medical staff and Jay. They were there to… There was that scream again, closer this time. The scream of a terrified man, she stood up sighing and headed for the sound. Jay had finished dangling the man from the mech and had resorted to far more insidious forms of torture. When Tara entered her hand flew to her mouth.

“Where. Is. Plisken. Where. Is. The. Old. Man.” Jay asked, punctuating each word with a flurry of movements. The man howled again, gibbering and giggling inanely, twitching in his tightly wound bonds like a caterpillar. Tara picked up one of the man’s boots and walked over to Jay. She dropped it by him, making him jump slightly. “Jees, Tara you made me jump…. What happened back there?” Jay asked referring to her berserk frenzy.

“I… I’m not sure. Either way, I don’t think this guy knows anything. Even if he did he’s not talking now is he.” She gestured towards the quivering man, who twitched violently when she moved her hand towards him. Jay sighed and leaned backwards, discarding the feathers in his hand. The man screamed again as he saw them drifting in the air.

“Yeah. You’re right.” Between them they managed to put the man’s socks and shoes back on. He gibbered.

“How long were you…” Tara gestured as she laced up the last boot. Jay shrugged.

“Couple of hours.” He said, untying the tow cable and letting the man free. He didn’t move, just carried on gibbering and giggling slightly.

“I think you broke him…” Tara said, frowning at Jay.

“He’ll be OK.” Jay said, prodding the man with his foot gently. This stirred him into motion and he got up, bolting towards the main encampment through the jungle. “He’ll bring reinforcements.”

“We couldn’t leave him though.” Tara chided, looping an arm through Jay’s and leading him away in the other direction. Jay stopped her and gestured back.

“I’m not leaving the bike.” He put on his stubborn face. Tara sighed, but relented and they both trekked back through the forest for the grav-bike.

--- Boom ---

“What on Earth was that?” Tara asked, gripping onto Jay’s waist as the bike rocked in the shock wave.

“We aren’t on Earth…” Jay grinned, levelling the bike and aiming for the explosion. “But I say we find it before it finds us.” He gunned the throttle and the bike leaped off.


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