How To Catch a Jaxx

Jamie looked at the fish to identify them as Jaxx nervously smirked and said, “Well since you’re here now Jamie dude, Ms. Jones can totally chill for a bit.” Cass looked at Jaxx and said, “What?” Jaxx nervously rubbed the back of his head and smiled as he replied, “It’s cool Ms. Jones. I’m sure Jamie dude will like be better company than me and beside I’m worried about Eve babe.” Jaxx put on his Hawaiian shirt as he began to walk off. Jamie replied, “Jaxx it’s not a good idea to wander around in the dark alone. We should stay together Jaxx.” Cass replied, “Jamie’s right Jaxx. You don’t know what’s out there.” Jaxx began walking off as he looked at the expression on both of their faces. Jamie looked serious while Cass seemed to have a look of mixed emotions in her face. Jaxx knew he wasn’t even close to gaining her trust at this point as he nervously rubbed the back of his head, smiled and replied, “It’s cool, according to Ms. Jones I’m the scariest thing out here.” Jaxx turned around and walked into the darkness as he sighed with a heavy weight on his shoulders. Jaxx ignored the protests from Jamie and Cass as he walked off into the darkness. Franky thought, “Oh my, are you really that concerned for your Evelina or afraid to spend time with Ms. Jones even?” Jaxx muttered, “Chaaaa. That chick is heinously scary. If I like pissed her off again she’d prolly pop a shell in my melon while I’m sleeping.” Franky thought, “True she does have an anger problem much like my apprentice.” Jaxx replied, “Sorry Franky dude, I’m not strong enough yet. Maybe with more time.” Franky sighed as he thought, “Very well then let’s find your sweetheart.

As Jaxx ventured into the dark forest he found various plants that he and Franky agreed were edible. After a while Jaxx managed to eat his weight in roots, berries and leaves. After his unappetizing meal Jaxx sighed in depression. Franky thought, “Oceans to Murgatroyd, how long are you gonna have that pity party even.” Jaxx replied, “Sorry Franky I like guess I’m a bit of a drag huh?” Franky thought, “Oh my, that’s putting it mildly my dear boy. I know Ms. Jones was rather harsh but considering the circumstances how could you not blame her even?” Jaxx sighed as he replied, “Like that’s the problem Master. I totally don’t. I like blame myself.” Franky thought, “Oh really now?” Jaxx replied, “When the others told me about my heinous acts of barbaric wickedness I was like yeah right, but when I like saw the videos of my old self I thought that it was like a total nightmare. I like can’t remember what I was like was or did but they do and like Ms. Jones said I hurt them all and stuff.” Franky thought, “True, be that as it may you can’t change your past even.” Jaxx replied, “Yeah so like no matter what I do I won’t be forgiven.” Franky thought, “I wouldn’t say that even, time does change us all. I am sure in time you could appeal to their good side even.” Jaxx sighed, “Maybe but……..” Franky thought, “Go on tell me the rest my dear boy.” Jaxx took a deep breath and replied, “I…………….I don’t want to be forgiven.” Franky thought, “Oh my and why would that be? To whom are you directing all this ill feeling towards?” Jaxx began to shed some tears as he muttered, “Myself. I totally hate myself and deserve to die despite my wicked instincts to survive.” Franky thought, “I see even. So then why go on?” Jaxx replied, “Ms. Jones is right I am a most heinous monster and deserve to die and……” Franky thought, “And?” Jaxx replied, “I don’t deserve her!” Franky thought, “I assume you are referring to Mrs. Evelina and not Ms. Jones correct?” Jaxx nodded as he replied, “Yeah Eve babe is so awesome and I totally don’t deserve her. Monsters shouldn’t be happy.” Franky thought, “I see even. You feel guilty after they brought you back to life huh?” Jaxx nodded with tears in his eyes as he muttered, “Why did she bring me back? I totally didn’t even agree to her terms, hell I totally thought she was like lying in the first place. I only did it to save Eve babe.” Franky thought, “I see it must be hard to be burdened by so much guilt. Most people would break under the strain even, but as I see it you have but a few choices now.” Jaxx replied, “I do?” Franky thought, “Of course even, you can wallow in self-pity and I will kill your mind and take your body till I get a new one or you can put on your big boy pants and suck it up even.” Jaxx replied, “Wow that was harsh Franky.”

Franky thought, “My dear sweet apprentice the life of a Calamar Monk is filled with both purpose and challenges. Since you have chosen this path you must continue it even or the punishment is your sweet little life even.” Jaxx swallowed as he replied, “Like that is not much of a choice Master.” Franky thought, “I know, but life is often not fair. Take Ms. Jones for example.” Jaxx replied, “Where?” Franky replied, “No silly I meant her situation even.” Jaxx replied, “Oh my bad.” Franky thought, “Her relationship with your Captain is rather complicated and yet she still has hope even. Perhaps one day she will get her wish but till that time comes she is willing to suffer in many ways even. Meanwhile you have been accepted by your beloved Evelina even. I imagine that must rub Ms. Jones in a very bad way even.” Jaxx sighed as he replied, “Kinda like a bad joke huh?” Franky replied, “Indeed even, but in the end we do what we must to ensure tomorrow will be a better day even.” Jaxx smirked as he replied, “Wow that was most enlightening Master. How is you like become so wise and stuff?” Franky replied, “I eat a lot of fortune cookies even.” Jaxx replied, “huh? Franky smirked as he thought, “Just teasing my dear boy. Now listen to your cute Master’s words of wisdom. Continue your training and live. Live for the purpose of serving others and perhaps one day you will find what you seek.” Jaxx sighed in relief as he nodded and replied, “I like understand Master.” Franky thought, “Then how about we head back to camp with some more supplies.” Jaxx replied, “Huh? Why?” Franky thought, “Oceans to Murgatroyd, even. If you’re going to be late its best to not be empty handed my dear boy.” Jaxx nodded as he replied, “Ohhhh! I see.”

“I thought I’d lost everyone, I’ve been following this trail for hours now hoping to find someone.” Eve said, sitting down for a rest and pulling out a canteen of water from her own pack. She looked perfect, Jade assumed it was her genetic coding designed to make her only glow rather than sweat. Eve offered Jade the canteen and she drank from the small container.

“We need to find the others.” Jade said, standing up and offering a hand to Eve, her face a mask of concern and worry for everyone else.

“Yeah…” Eve said, grabbing the stout branch Jade had just discarded and swiped at some thorny branches in their way. “I hope Jaxx is ok.”

After another hour they came across a river and began to follow it, Eve suggested Downstream, as that’s what they did in all the movies. With no other clues to go on, Jade agreed, although added the proviso that she was able to wash off first. So slightly fresher and cleaner, the two travelled along the slightly easier to traverse riverbank. When it started getting rocky, both girls noticed the plume of smoke in the distance, a camp fire of sorts. The light faded from the world and the girls were working with only the glow sticks that jade insisted they light. She gripped hers for grim death and focused on the small pool of light, one foot in front of another until they caught the sound of voices on the breeze.

“It’s Jamie and Cass!” Eve said excitedly hurrying forwards towards the camp fire.

“It’s good to see you.” Jade said, falling exhausted into the pool of firelight, still clutching her glow stick. Cass, wasn’t sure if she was talking to them, or to the friendly glowing light and warmth of the fire, although knowing Jade, most likely, both statements were true.

Evelina was relieved to see Jamie and Cass as well. As Evelina looked at the fish Jamie was cooking she asked, “Wow Jamie where did you get those fish?” Jamie replied, “I didn’t Jaxx did.” Evelina looked shock as she looked around and asked, “Where is he?” Cass folded her arms in an upset manner and replied, “The idiot up and left before you two arrived. He said he went looking for you.” Evelina balled up her fists and closed her eyes as she held in her anger for a few minutes before she calmed down and politely asked, “Which way did he go?” Cass pointed at the direction as she said, “He went that way but I don’t recommend you go after him.” Evelina took a deep breath before she asked, “Because it is too dangerous?” Cass replied, “Yeah that and I was hoping his parasitic friend will talk some sense into him.” Evelina replied, “You mean Franky?” Cass replied, “Yeah him. He may be weird but he seems to know a lot and he can handle himself in a bad situation.” Evelina smirked as she replied, “Yeah he reminds me of a cross between Sulu (Strar Trek) and Yoda (Star Wars).” Evelina didn’t pay attention to the looks from the others since she figured they probably didn’t get the reference. Then Evelina thought for a second as she felt the breeze blowing in the direction of the forest Jaxx headed off into. Then she smiled as she said, “I got an idea.” The others gave Eve a strange look as she looked around at the long branches on the ground till she found a nice long one then she pulled out her survival knife and dug a small hole in the ground away from the fire so she could plant the long stick about a foot deep before she filled the gap in with the extra dirt. Then Evelina wiped off her hands off and pulled a sweat rag from her pack and proceeded to wipe off all her sweat from her upper body while she had her back turned to everyone. Then Evelina tied the rag to the top of the long planted stick. Then Evelina waited for a few minutes till the small breeze flowed and caused the white sweaty rag to flap like a flag. Evelina smiled as she headed back to the campfire. Cass and Jade looked at Evelina like she was being weird while Jamie chuckled. Jamie smirked as he said, “Where did you get that idea from?” Evelina smiled as she replied, “The movie 'Old Yeller'.” Jamie nodded as he replied, “I see. Do you think that will work on him?” Evelina smiled and replied, “Only one way to find out.” As they waited Jamie cooked the fish on the fire.

Meanwhile Jaxx just finished gathering more roots, berries and herbs that he held in his shirt when he felt the breeze. Suddenly Jaxx felt paralyzed as he felt the breeze flow through his skin and his nose. The slight scent of sweet perfumed air filled his nostrils and forced his body to quiver as his fins popped out. Franky thought, “Oh my Jaxx what is that heavenly smell?” Jaxx replied, “Eve Babe.” Franky thought, “Well then shall we find her then?” Jaxx bunched up his shirt into a make shift bag as he began to pick up the pace and run through the forest. Franky thought, “Oh my, you are like a beast on the prowl even. Jaxx replied, “I can’t lose the scent Master.” Jaxx was now running through the forest with his eyes fully dilated to adjust to the darkness. He looked like a predator searching for his prey as he moved past all the foliage with little concern for his skin. As he drew closer he began to slow down to make sure he had the scent’s proper direction. Jaxx smiled as the scent got stronger and stronger as he continued to move onward. Franky thought, “Oh my even, you must have locked this scent into your very cortex even.” Jaxx replied, ‘Huh? I like don’t know about that and all but I totally remember her scent every chance I get. It like make me feel good and stuff.” Franky giggled as he replied, “I see even. Well then carry on my dear boy.” It wasn’t long before Jaxx smelled fish as well so he stopped to double check only to verify he smelled fish and Evelina at the same time. After a minute Jaxx said, “This is totally existential in a most cosmic way Master.” Franky replied, “Oceans to Murgatroyd even, you look so cute when you’re like this my dear sweet apprentice. You are correct in that we are back to where we started even.” Jaxx nodded as he made his way back to the camp grounds.

Evelina watched the forest as she waited for Jaxx to emerge. Though she was worried her plan wouldn't work, she maintained her confidence in front of the others. As Evelina patiently waited, Jamie cooked the fish as Cass and Jade were having a private conversation. Jamie asked, “You’re pretty confident this will work huh?” Evelina smiled as she replied, “Well his shark senses work better under water but he has made it a point to memorize my scent in case we get separated.” Jamie looked at the fish before he looked at Evelina again to see her skin looking radiant in the campfire. Even covered in sweat she was very fetching since it was part of her GELF make up. Suddenly they crew could hear some rustling in the forest as Cass quickly drew her pistol out for protection. Evelina smiled as she stood up and put her fists on her hips in a superman pose. Jamie kept his composure as he had his bow ready just in case. Jade moved behind Cass but kept close to the fire. Then Jaxx barged out of the forest and looked around as he sniffed the air around him. His eyes quickly adjusted to the light and reverted back to blue. In a sigh of relief the crew lowered their guard and Evelina ran up to Jaxx as she said, “Oh baby I missed you so much.” Jaxx and Evelina quickly hugged and held each other for a minute before Evelina pulled away and kissed his cheek. Jaxx smiled in relief as looked at Evelina who was as beautiful as ever. Then Evelina caressed Jaxx’s cheek before she grabbed his ear and dragged him to the campfire in pain. Jaxx begged for mercy as Evelina smiled and said, “Come a long Jaxx.” Jaxx did as Evelina told him and sat next to her by the campfire. Cass and Jade were slightly amused by Evelina dragging Jaxx like a bad child to a time out. Then Evelina smiled as she said, “I know you were worried about me Jaxx but next time you should stay with the group, ok sweety?” Jaxx replied, “Ahhhh ok Eve babe. Ease off the lobes mmm k?” Evelina then smiled as she let go of Jaxx’s red ear and looked at the shirt filled with stuff as she asked, “Did you bring me a present?” Jaxx nervously smiled as he replied, “Ummm yeah I like found some food on the way and stuff.” Evelina kissed Jaxx on the cheek, smiled and said, “Ok I’ll forgive you for now but if you misbehave again I’ll be more sever next time I punish you ok?” Jaxx nervously shook as he was both turned on and terrified by Evelina. After a nervous swallow Jaxx nodded and replied, “Yes ma’am.” Then Evelina opened Jaxx’s shirt to see what he found and to get Jamie’s input on what was edible for humans since she and Jaxx had GELF stomachs.


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