After a rousing game of rock paper scissors, Artemis ended up being the one to climb (or rather, float) the elevator shaft to find a way to fix it and free the others from the bottom of the complex.

Artemis was tossed through the open emergency hatch.

"Hurry up! The air down here is fucking awful!" someone shout after him.

"Maybe if you stupid troglodytes took gas masks like I TOLD YOU!" Artemis shouted back before beginning the ascent up the ancient shaft. He floated to the nearest floor, pried the doors open, and found himself in a rather alien environment.

Mutant foliage had grown all across the walls and floors of the corridors. The only signs that this had once been a man-made structure were the occasional hanging light protruding from the roof foliage, casting a dim yellow glow, and the small areas where the foliage hadn't been able to grow.

"Amazing, even amongst volatile chemicals and hazardous equipment, the plants in their bio-labs were able to reclaim the bunker" Artemis commented, floating down the corridors. Artemis pulled a test tube from one of his many storage nooks, and scraped some of the foliage off the wall, and into the tube.

"This should be an interesting experiment once we get back to the ship" he said, 'pocketing' the sample. He took a few more samples, recalling his time at Charon studying alien fauna, and coming up with a few hypotheses about the CLANG

Artemis spun around, his brain swirling in the medi-stasis solution. He looked around, his optics didn't pick up any movement....but he could just barely hear the soft tapping of someone (or something) scurrying in the distance.

"Okay....moving on" He said.

Artemis cautiously made his way through the corridors, trying to find the elevator equipment room. He located the door under a few million years of goop. He pulled it open, revealing a mess of chopped foliage and the gears that ran the elevator. While the main tow cable was severed by a stray bullet, the backup cable was still intact, but needed to be activated.

Artemis read the instructions pasted on the wall, and carried out the complex (for someone of normal intelligence, at least) instructions to deploy the backup cable to the elevator and hoisted his compatriots to the next floor.

Before he could act, Artemis was dragged out of the elevator access room and thrown against a wall.

"WHY! WHY WITH THE THROWING! WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP THROWING ME!?!" He yelled as one of the albino mutants tried to pry his brain reservoir open.

Artemis used his zapper to force the albino away, and then proceeded to fly down the corridor, the albino pursuing him from a distance, calling out to its comrades. Artemis winded through the corridors, coming to a large intersection. He scanned the signs on the directory, picking the corridor to the command center.

He flew through the door, closed it behind him, and then proceeded rip the access panel off the door and fire at the control unit with his zapper, freezing the hydraulics and triggering the fire suppression system.

A hail of gas came down from the ceiling, momentarily blinding Artemis and causing an odd rain to fall. Once the gas subsided, Artemis took a quick survey of his surroundings. The odd rain was the foliage, which had been disintegrated by the fire system....odd, Artemis thought. I'll have to look into that.

The command center was heavily dilapidated, like the rest of the bunker, but somewhat operational. The many displays were flickering, popping, and buzzing, displaying various readouts from different systems.

Artemis traveled to the center blister, and did a quick survey of the equipment.

"Well, might as well take a look and see what I can find out about this place while I wait for someone more combat capable to find me" he said, content that he had terabytes of data to keep him occupied.


Sven, Arien, Plisken, the elevator rose out of the bottom of the pit to the lowest level in the bunker shortly after Artemis' departure, but he's nowhere to be found at the moment.

The mutants are stirred by our presence and will be actively seeking us, be careful!

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