The Woman In Red

"Chill doc, it's just a routine sweep and cleaaaaAeRRRgggh!" Soma
didn't get a chance to finish as he was snatched out of the corridor and into
the vents. Wet snapping sounds followed, and swiftly the marine stopped screaming.

The corridor erupted into a frenzy of insectoid death. The Hymenoptera attacked.


Jaxx was curious to see Jade disappear into the room she was staring at so intently. After a puzzled look and a nervously scratched his head as his last two brain cells were working overtime. Evelina tapped Jaxx on the shoulder and asked, what's wrong Jaxx? Are there more monsters in there? " Jaxx cocked his head to the side and replied, "Not sure Eve babe. This place reeks so wickedly it's totally messin wit my senses and stuff." Jamie asked, "Your puzzled about something else huh?" Jaxx nodded and replied, "Yeah bro, I totally sense emptiness for some odd reason." Jamie looked at Cass and asked, "How about you Cass? Pick up anything on your data pad?" Cass snapped out of her bad mood and quickly ran her scans only to get many bizarre readings and a lot of interference. Cass replied, "Nothing definite but if this place creeps out shark boy it can't be good. HEY Jade! Let's find a different way in!" Jade did not respond which worried the others. Jaxx replied, "Like I'll get her k?"

Before they could protest Jaxx walked into the room and disappeared as well. Out of concern Evelina quickly followed Jaxx into the room and disappeared as well. Now Cass and Jamie looked at each wondering what they should do. Meanwhile Evelina kept walking as she heard Jaxx's voice up ahead. Evelina's heart raced as she ran toward the voice hoping to see Jaxx only to see he was not there. As Evelina looked around she heard Jaxx again from above. As Evelina looked up she saw a tortured Jaxx in a suspended cage. Jaxx was connected a series of chains via large fish hooks which pulled his body in fourth directions as he agonized in pain. Evelina was horrified as she looked at her husband tortured before her eyes. As Evelina stood petrified she failed to noticed she was surrounded by several men and women wearing exotic outfits ranging from furs made from Dalmatian dogs to fur codpieces worn over black and white polk-a-dot spandex pants. As one of the people cleared their throat Evelina slowly turned around in horror to see she was surrounded by members of the modeling agency she worked for three million years ago. Evelina began to tremble and shake as he legs slowly gave out from beneath her. One woman who was wearing red go-go boots along with a black and diamond suede dress under a large fur coat made from Dalmatian dogs.

The woman also wore a red ball room mask that resembled a demon. The woman had a sinister smile as she looked at Evelina and said, “I told you there was no escape from us. You are our property and if you ever try to leave us again we will just take it out on your boyfriend then.” Evelina trembled as she began to cry for mercy while the Model Agency members laughed at her. Eventually the woman in red said, “As amusing as this was pick her up we are late thatnks to her antics and have little time to prepare for the next show. HURRY UP People! ITS SHOWTIME!” The woman in red led the way as some of the men carried the helpless Evelina away. Evelina cried as she tried to reach out for Jaxx only to see him fade in the distance.

TAG (Eve is on her own now can she overcome her fears?)

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