Room of Nightmares

The room was cold and utilitarian, Doctor Jade black had called the others over before she went in. It caught her eye as it was clean, not like the overgrown corridors they had so recently fled down. As she entered, the door slid closed, and the room twisted around her. It darkened, the lights flickering around her, the room expanding and lengthening.

"Ah... Guys?" Jade said, looking back towards the door.

"Wha's the matter Cap? You gettin' the jitters?" A marine, name tag of Braton laughed, shouldering Jade in a comradely fashion. The laughter died instantly as the clicking of chitinous feet in venting echoed through the corridor.

"You hear that?" Braton queried.

"It's more of the mutants..." Jade said, wishing, hoping that it was true, closing her eyes, palms sweating, heart pounding, fear rising.

"That what we call 'em now?" Braton said, clicking the safety off his assault rifle and levelling it down the corridor. The clicking in the venting intensified, a low chorus of hissing echoing and bouncing around the strike team.

"Orders Major Hek?" Said a younger recruit, Soma.

"Keep it light. Keep it tight people. Four point oh percent a.b.v should be enough.
We're far aware from the main hive ship here." Hek barked, freeing the safety on his own rifle as the chittering, hissing crescendo reached its peak.

Then silence. Nothing.

The lights flickered slightly, the only sound the shallow breathing of the marines. Jade
was gasping now, her hands shaking on the assault rifle.

"Chill doc, it's just a routine sweep and cleaaaaAeRRRgggh!" Soma
didn't get a chance to finish as he was snatched out of the corridor and into
the vents. Wet snapping sounds followed, and swiftly the marine stopped screaming.

The corridor erupted into a frenzy of insectoid death. The Hymenoptera attacked.


OOC - To fit in with Jade found a room that manifests your worst nightmares!

Does anyone else go in? What do they see? Can you see what's going on in another room? Can you rescue Jade before she's torn apart by mutant insect bug creatures?

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