Out of the Oven

"We should check it out" Jamie agreed
Cass shrugged "We could do with a starbug to get the hell off this rock and we need to find everyone else - I don't see that we have much choice in the matter"
"Do you think that dead monster could have come from down there?" Eve asked
"That's what I'm concerned about" Cass scowled down at her terminal as it chimed another alert, her eyes widening in horror as she absorbed the data "Shit! We need to get out of here" she blurted "We've got company!"
The distant sound of rapidly approaching aircraft could just be heard in the shocked silence that followed.

Out of curiosity Jaxx turned to see what was making that loud noise on to say, “Huh?” Evelina said, “JAXX! She said we are under (MMMmm)…!” Jaxx put his hand on Evelina’s mouth as he replied, “Shhhhhhh!” Evelina looked at Jaxx oddly as he seemed to be listening to something they couldn’t hear. Suddenly Jaxx looked at the others as he yelled, “Oh snap something ginormous is heading for us!” Cass looked at her terminal again to confirm something big was falling from the sky near the entrance. Cass yelled, “Shit he’s right! Get away from the entrance!” Everyone ran away from the entrance in time to hear a loud THUD along with a slight cave in. Smoke bellowed into the hallway causing everyone to cough a bit as they were slightly blinded by the smoke. Jaxx did his best to shield the others as much as he could from the blast, but this did leave him with several bruises on his back which seem to be hidden under his loud Hawaiian shirt. Ignoring the pain Jaxx looked at Evelina and asked, “You ok Eve babe?” Evelina coughed a bit and nodded yes as she was fanning away the smoke. As Jaxx looked at the others he asked, “Like you guys ok?” Before Jaxx could get an answer he heard the screeching sounds of metal and concrete near the entrance. Jaxx turned to look as he replied, “I like got a bad feeling about this guys.” Jamie replied, “Same here.” Cass looked at her data pad and smacked it a few times before she saw something bad and replied, “OH SHIT! We need to get out of here now!” Jade asked, “What is it Cass?” Jaxx replied, “A big robot.” Cass replied, “Not just a big robot! It’s a fucking huge battle mech powered by a Tachyon generator!” Suddenly the smoke seemed to be sucked out of the hall as the sound of a machine whirled in the distance. The crew watched as the air was cleared to reveal a state of the art battle mech with a huge energy cannon on it arm.

Jaxx pulled out one holo whip as he said, “I’ll like try to buy you guys some time.” Cass protested as she replied, “What the hell can you against that thing?” Evelina reached into her pack and pulled out a grenade and pushed it into Jaxx’s back as she replied, “Use this.” Jaxx reach behind his back to grab the grenade as he replied, “You’re the best Eve babe.” Evelina nervously replied, “Please don’t miss.” Jaxx replied, “Will do. Now you like guys slowly back off, k?” Cass wanted to argue but lacked the time to come up with a better plan. Jamie and Jade slowly moved with Cass as Jamie replied, “Have a little faith in him. He has a great arm.” Cass gritted her teeth as she gave in and slowly moved back with the others. As Jaxx turned on his holo whip and faced the battle mech from about fifty feet away he smiled with a goofy grin. Suddenly the voice of the pilot in the mech suit chuckled as he replied, “Are you seriously going to come at me with a holo whip? You are either the bravest or the dumbest opponent I have ever met.” Jaxx held his ground as he gave the pilot an unflinching goofy grin. The pilot then said, “Since you want to go out in style I’ll send you off with a bang! HAHAHAHAHAhhahahahahahahahaha!” Suddenly the huge energy cannon on the arm of the mech began to power up with blue lights as it hummed loudly.” Then the pilot aimed the cannon right at Jaxx as he continued to laugh manically yelling, “Come and get it you dumbass!” Jaxx then jumped up and did a twirl as he swung his holo whip around him. While in the air Jaxx used his momentum to hurl the grenade at the cannon and then pull his second holo whip and light it up in the air to flail it before he landed. Then Jaxx swung his holo whips about to show the pilot his skill level. The pilot replied on his speaker, “Your fancy whips don’t mean shit! Once I blast this cannon down your face you and your friends will be nothing but scorch marks! HAHAHAHAhahahahaha!” Jaxx then stood up and put his holo whips back into his holster and smiled before he put his hands up and slowly backed away from the mech. The pilot continued to laugh as his cannon was powering up second by second.

Jaxx managed to get five steps before the cannon was fully charged and aimed right at him. Suddenly Jaxx hightailed it after the others as he yelled, “RUN!” Everyone was already hightailing it before Jaxx was even able to catch up with them. The pilot was laughing till he saw a warning on his power screen and replied, “What the?” The screen showed an obstruction in the barrel of the cannon before it exploded. And caused a chain reaction in the cannon. After a series of explosions the mech suit not only exploded, but destroyed the transport that was parked near the entrance holding around twenty five heavily armed and armored soldiers. The explosion caused a cave in at the entrance and send a ball of fire down the hallway towards the crew members. The crew ran for their lives as the fireball chased them down the hallway. As the crew ran down the hallway in desperation they didn't notice the zombie monsters opening the doors to give chase to the crew only to be consumed by the enormous flames from behind. The crew ran and ran in desperation hoping to avoid being roasted by the overwhelming fireball. Suddenly Cass saw an open hallway to the side and led the others to the left as the fireball continued down the main hallway. The crew continued to run and hoping the fire wouldn't follow them. Suddenly several zombie monsters came out from hidden locations and gave chase to the crew who were still running for their lives. As the zombies were gaining ground after the crew the flames of the fireball suddenly flowed into the hallway after the crew and easily engulfed the zombies one by one as it seemed to pursue the crew. Mixed emotions ran through the crew as they fled for their life from the ungodly flames of hell. After taking a different turn, the crew found themselves falling through a broken floor. The crew looked up to see the flames slowly bellowing out till they ended.

After a few minutes of catching their breath Cass managed to asked, “What the hell did you do Jaxx?” Jaxx replied, “I like tossed a boom ball at the robo dude.” Evelina replied, “Jaxx that was just a flash bang to blind him. Where did you throw it at?” Jaxx looked at Evelina and replied, “I like tossed it into his gun.” Jamie began to chuckle as he realized the flash bang damaged the power source of the cannon and caused the chain reaction they saw. Jamie replied, “That was a one in a million shot.” Cass sneered as she replied, “He almost got us killed!” Evelina replied, “He saved our lives. That thing would have mowed us down in an instant if Jaxx didn’t stop it.” Before the argument could go any farther Jade interrupted, “Umm you guys might want to see this.”

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