“Place your bets!”
“Twenty nine black!” Cass yelled, standing to lean across the table and bang a pile of chips down onto the baize, her martini sloshing dangerously in the glass, held in her other hand.
“Whoa, get you!” Jay laughed as she straightened and downed the remainder of her drink in one “You’ve changed your tune!”
She smirked and mischievously shifted her weight to bump him with her hip “Well, you’ve got to live a little” she said, as she shimmied in closer beside him.
Even through the heady buzz of all the cocktails, Jay noted that she made no effort to move out of his space; this simple, intimate, omission forcing him up out of his chair, to lean around her to place his next bet; the scent of her skin evoking an array of, not unpleasant memories, as he did so.
“Coward” Cass snickered and ran a hand back through her hair; her fingers tingling electrically across her scalp and down the back of her neck, to trace the ‘V’ neckline of the cool, loose-fitting shirt he had bought from the shops, earlier on.
“Piss off” Jay grinned and poked her in the ribs as the others placed their bets.
“Or what?” she glanced back over her shoulder at him, her eyes bright and alive.
“No more bets” the croupier called. He leaned across the wheel to set the roulette ball in motion, with an expert flick of his wrist.
“Well?” Cass teased, pushing herself away from the table and up against him “What are you going to do about it if I don’t?”
“You know what...?” Jay began as the ball bounced and breathlessly skittered across the numbers before finally settling into one of the slots.
“WHOOOOHOOOO!” Cass shrieked, punching the air and throwing an exultant arm around Jay’s waist as she leaped up and down in excitement “I am so great! I am so great!”
“Ha! Beginners luck” Jade called across the table as Cass disentangled herself, with the intention of scooping up her winnings. Instead, the room swam dizzily around her and she stumbled heavily against the table, knocking over her empty martini glass and sending her chips flying.
“Whoa, hey” Jay reached out to steady her and help her up, the concern evident in his voice “Are you okay?”
“Oh, I’m fucking fantastic” Cass purred as she twisted to face him, her arms snaking behind him to pull herself up, into an embrace.
“What’s happened to you?” Jay slowly shook his head “You’re absolutely fucked”
“The question is...” she breathed, leaning back to gaze into his eyes as she ground herself up against him “Do you wanna be fucked too?”
“Cass...” Jay said softly. Dear God she was beautiful
Across the other side of the table, Jamie made a small, strangled sort of noise at the back of his throat as the croupier pushed a stack of chips across the baize “Your winnings ma’am”
“Fuck” Cass sniggered, reluctantly relinquishing her grip on Jay “Same as ever. Hold that thought...”
Her heart hammering wildly, she turned unsteadily away from him to scoop the chips towards her.
“No...” Jamie choked as she leaned forward “Don’t...”
Caught midway through the act, Cassandra’s eyes collided with his. To her, he looked terrible. Sweat was beading on his ashen brow and his hands were clenched in shaky fists on the table in front of him.
“Don’t” he pleaded
“Why?” she croaked, her eyes suddenly widening with surprise as she realised she could sense the edge of his thoughts “What?” she glanced down at her loose shirt, bagging open at the front as she had leaned across the table, and smiled “Oh, this?” she murmured as she straightened and on drug addled impulse, twitched a couple of buttons open.
“Cass...” Jade guessed what might be happening and quickly rose from her seat; but it was far too late – the feedback loop from their psychic link hit them hard; Jamie gasping with the effort of controlling himself, as Cass, lost in the moment, ripped her shirt open, a low, shaky moan escaping her lips as she pressed her hands up her body and over the smooth satin of her bra.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Jade was up and moving around the table as fast as she could.
Catching some of the doctors concern, Jay tried pulling Cass away “Easy tiger...”
“You want me, don’t you?” she growled, turning on a heel and surprising him hooking her fingers inside the waistband of his jeans and pulling him into a long, lingering kiss “I love you so much” she breathed when he broke it off “Fuck me”
“C’mon Cass” Jade said brusquely as she tried to pull her away “We need you and Jamie as far away from each other as possible, right this instant. Jay, go help him, please. One of them is going to have an embolism if we’re not careful”
“Do you wanna go two’s up with him?” Cass met her friend’s unflinching gaze with unsteady eyes; her fingers still maintaining her grip on Jay’s waistband, reluctant to let go.
“I don’t think that’d be a great idea”
“We could have Jamie along as well” Cass raised her voice as Jade succeeded in pulling her away from Jay “Jamie!” she called to the other man, who by now was hunched over the roulette table, his head buried beneath his shaking arms “Come and make it a foursome and put that massive erection to some good use! – I bet Jay’s better!”
This nearly made Jay choke, but it was too much for Jamie, who let out an animal roar of lust and rose from his position at the table to tear his top off, over his head, and vaulted across the roulette table, in one smooth movement.
“Jay!” Jade warned, as she hauled Cass aside “Keep them away from each other”
The sound of Plisken’s gunshot tore across the situation, followed immediately by Eve’s screams and an almighty crash as Jaxx smashed Plisken down into the buffet with his holowhips.

Did that diffuse the situation?
Cass and Jamie will likely die from an embolism, induced by lust based psychic feedback if they’re allowed to act on their impulses – how do you keep them apart and as calm as being off their tits will allow? - where if anywhere, do you take them?
How long do the drugs last?
What happened to Tara?
Can anyone sort the two developing situations out?
Will anyone be able to look anyone else in the eye in the morning?

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