Stranger Danger

Whether it was trigged by a combination of the blood, tension, and pressure or it was just his time of the month, Jaxx erupted into the feral beast that had always been lurking underneath. Jaxx lunged at Plisken, following the smell of the blood but he was stopped by the barrel of the old man’s revolver, the cold metal pressed very hard against his head.
“Don’t,” Plisken advised.
“You wouldn’t actually shoot him,” spat Eve as she watched on, her words full of strength but she was frozen to the ground in fear. “You’ve got too many morals and rules.”
“You see, that’s the trick,” Plisken said, his eye carefully watching Jaxx as he backed away slightly from the barrel of the battered old LeMatt Revolver that was pointed directly at him. “I don’t have morals, I just did what I thought was right. And my rules? Well, they’re more like guidelines.”
Jaxx made a small move, shuffling his feet.
Plisken pulled the hammer back on the pistol.
“I wouldn’t.”

Jaxx's eyes were fully dilated black as he stared down Plisken from the end of his pistol. Jaxx quickly thought to himself, "Fight or Flight. Fight or Flight. Fight or Flight. Fight or Flight. Fight or Flight. Fight or Flight. Fight or Flight. Fight or Flight." Jaxx saw the old man was dead serious about shooting him and had no intention of stopping Tara from attacking Evelina. Jaxx asked, "Like what's your damage old man river?" Plisken replied, "You just don't get it do you?" Jaxx replied, "I like guess not then. Just kinda sucks you totally turned out to be a major douche bag." Plisken gave Jaxx a sinister grin as he cocked his head to the side to aim better. Tara was egging on Plisken in the background as Evelina was on the floor scared that Plisken was really going to shoot Jaxx. Out of a panic Evelina hurled her shard of glass at Plisken only for him to block it out of instinct with his pistol. Unfortunately as the glass shattered a small speck of glass made its way into Pliskin's good eye causing him to wince and fire his pistol at Evelina. Jaxx watched in horror as Plisken's bullet hit Evelina on the right side just above her waist. Out of instinct Jaxx yelled, "FIGHT!" as he whipped out his holo whips and lashed the revolver from Plisken's hand in a fraction of a second and then wrapped the other whip around his metal arm. Then Jaxx pulled back on the whip hard as he flung Plisken like a rag doll in the air and into a desert table causing it to break in half and sending deserts into Plisken's face and in the air. Plisken lay motionless as it rained deserts on his back. Tara tried to take advantage of the situation as she picked up a bar stool to hit Evelina only to have it knocked out of her hands by Jaxx's holo whips." Jaxx said, "Like sorry Sara....I know your mondo jealous of Evebabe, but I ain't interested in ya so take a freaken hint already." Tara replied, "Its Tara you...." Tara never finished her sentence as Jaxx yelled , "FIGHT!" and lashed across her chest and sent her Holo Bee flying out her back. Tara quickly faded out as the holo bee flew in the air like a poorly thrown football and landed into a pitcher of beer a waiter was carrying to Jay's table.

Plisken started to get up and Jaxx was ready to break him in half till he heard Evelina call for him. Jaxx fought the urge to kill Plisken and quickly ran to pick up Evelina and yelled, "FLIGHT!" as he ran to the clinic carrying her like a bride. Jaxx ran through the crowd of hologram tourists that were not to bothered by what just happened. As some of the tourists got in Jaxx's way he said, "Fight or Flight!" repeatedly as he kicked them out of his way. Jaxx kicked waiters aside, tourists and little old ladies as well even though they just got back up and continued moving. It wasn't long before Jaxx made his way to the clinic to get Evelina treated. Since the clinic was empty and run by medibots it didn't take long before Evelina was attended to for her gunshot wound and her bruised hand and wrist thanks to Plisken and her bruised face and cut hand thanks to Tara. Evelina had lost a lot of blood and was not feeling to well as the medibot injected her with medical nanos and told her to get bed rest. Then the medibot kicked Jaxx and Evelina out saying it had a lot of other patience which did not make any sense sinve the place was empty. Jaxx was worried now since Evelina was cold and weak and the crew was acting very strange. Quickly Jaxx looked to see if he was being followed before he carried Evelina to their room which was the entire 13th floor with a beach house ocean theme and locked the door before he put Evelina on the bed. Then Jaxx barricaded the door with unneeded furniture all around the insanely huge room. Jaxx used a cabana, some patio furniture, and some dressers from the beach house room they slept in. Jaxx didn't know who to trust no so he didn't want to take any chances at this point.

Then Jaxx ran back to his beach house themed bedroom and saw Evelina shivering as her lips were turning bluish from being cold. Jaxx was terrified as he was helpless to stop Evelina's pain. Jaxx panicked and wrapped several blankets around Evelina to warm her up and grabbed several bottles of water from the kitchen for her to drink. Then Jaxx held Evelina close to help warm her up as he fed her sips of water. Even though his eyes were still black with anger Jaxx was shaking scared that he would loose his precious wife. His urge to kill was pushed aside by his concern for Evelina's well being. Evelina opened up her eyes to see Jaxx crying as he rocked her gently. Jaxx's lower lip was quivering with fear as he didn't know what to say to her. Evelina smiled in pain as she whispered, "I love you baby." Jaxx nodded as he muttered, "I like love you to Evebabe. We're gonna get out of this one ok?" Evelina nodded as she started to sleep again. It didn't take long before Jaxx discovered that Evelina burning up and he wasn't sure but he suspected it was the bullets Plisken was using since they were meant for him. Jaxx used to like Plisken but now he wanted nothing to do with him. Plisken hurt Evelina and let Tara hurt Evelina so if they came looking for him he was not going to be nice anymore. Jaxx barely knew Tara but after today he didn't care much for her. Although Jaxx promised not to kill without permission it didn't mean he had to take this kind of crap from the other Dwarfers. All he could hope for was that Jay would take control of the situation before it gets worse. As Jaxx rocked Evelina slowly she muttered, "Jaxx sing to me." Jaxx was nervous as he swallowed a dry lump in his throat and muttered, "Mmm K." Jaxx tried to think of a song to cheer Evelina up but only one song came to mind from his many nights of movie/media watching with Evelina.

Evelina seemed to be at peace as Jaxx sang the ballad to her. Evelina gave Jaxx a peaceful smile while she slept in his arms.

TAG (Jaxx and Eve are hiding in their room which is the whole 13th floor, the door is barricaded and Jaxx is still fighting the urge to hurt someone especially Plisken and Tara.)

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