Steev...fresh out of cupboard-space.

Steev MaCKenzyyyyy
Somewhere on the ship, ex-cupboard.
the other day
Steev emerged from the cupboard eventually, when he was sure the coast was
clear. "Hmmm...job still left unfinished" he remarked. "Might as well make
a where's the bleepy thingy?" Steev patted his pockets, finding
nothing. "Curses, left it with my kit."
Picking up a nearby pot of paint he scrawled "GTGB-T, BRB2RD&T" for Smeggg
to read. "He'll get the message! Now, I better run!"
He made it halfway down the corridor when he was intercepted by a female
security-like, with an odd smell of potato around her....
She grabbed his arm and asked. "Where's the fire, gov?"
Steev looked back at her blankly. "Did Smegg send her?" He wondered. He
was about to ask when she introduced herself as: "Private
Penny Lloyd, security."
"Ensign Steev, engineering." He answered.
"No surname?" Lloyd asked.
"You'll only laugh at it." Steev told her.
"Why?" Lloyd asked and before he known it Lloyd had swiped his security
"Steev Mackenzy, why would I laugh at that?"
"Don't you see how its' spelt?" he enquired, a look of wonder on his face.
"It's only a spelling mistake." Lloyd told him, handing his security card
to the ensign. "It's not like you have it on your birth certificate."
Steev fixed Lloyd with a pained look. "You have got this spelling
mistake on your birth certificate." she theorised.
Steev nodded, shamefully
"You on duty?" Lloyd asked.
"…" he started but was unable to finish.
"Good. I'll buy ya a drink, gov. Looks like you need it." Lloyd said as
dragged him away to one of the bars located on the promenade.
Steev didn't really feel like resisting. Besides, it would be a full two
hours before his body remoulded itself into full human form. Plus the fact
a few stiff drinks would do him good, maybe...unless she was getting him
drunk so that she could get a whole crowd of people in to mock him later
when he was unable to run!!!!
"No, can't get paranoid. It'll only tempt fate...there has been no people
pissing themselves laughing so far, so good."
And besides, after managing to make one guy leg it from him in fear, being
dragged away to a bar by a woman who smelled of potato was a damn sight
better than he figured the rest of the decade was going to he
decided to go with it.
"Hey, if I drink myself to oblivion then I won't really care, will I?" he
decided. "Let Smegg deal with the Proton wait, the Doodad tht
goes in the widget. Time for drink!"
And with that, he was propelled towards the bar, hoping to recant his tales
of glory during Columns and Tetris...
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