"See you in the morning."

When: A while after they negotiations.
Where: A mess hall near one the crew decks.
Who: Not sure yet.

The mess hall was actually quite tidy, considering it had seen 3 million years of space. The floors were clean, as well as the tables, and the corners were surprisingly lacking much of the debris that littered the corners of other areas on the ship. It was well lit by some florescent lighting recessed into the ceiling, some of which looked as though it had met with the delicate touch of makeshift repairs with tidy excess wiring tucked neatly around the fittings.

The search party tasked with finding gardening and farming tools and supplies for the rodents in the promenade came in, almost haphazardly pushing a few of the tables aside to make room for a large wheel barrow full of tools they had found. A number of these 'garden tools' were made from scraps of metal and the the use of a pocket welder found in an engineering chest that had some how escaped the trials of time and scavengers.

Brett was already inside seeing what use he could make of the kitchen when they arrived. South slumped down into a seat with his back to the door and groaned. “This ship is bloody huge.” he said, yawning. “And dangerous.” said Jamie, the engineer sat down at the other end of the table. “Don't remind me. I'm still in shock of the living vindaloo...thing.”

“I though you liked unusual life forms, Mr. Biologist?”

“Not when they're comprised of food stuffs that want to eat me.”

He yawned again. “Though I suppose it was quite impressive.”

Jamie chuckled at him. “I guess it does take some getting used to, yeah.”

“Is there any tea on this ship?”

“Ask the chef, I don't know exactly what we got from the resort.”

South yawned again and Reggie crawled out of his bag and up onto the table, where he began nibbling at a stale piece of toast from who knows when. “Actually, scratch the tea, I need a nap. I haven't slept in about—acutally a little over 3,000,000 years. You got a room free, or do you just crash anywhere on this ship?”

“I'll show a room where you can stay, we actually have a a lot of spares. Most of the crew is either dead or still in stasis, so it won't be a problem. South let out a short sharp whistle and his beetle looked up at him, then scurried back into the satchel. “Much appreciated.” he said with a smile, standing to follow Jamie out, grabbing a green apple of the mess counter on his way out.

* * *

“Here we are.” Jamie smiled, reaching up to tap the door switch. “Not much, but it's a place to rest your head. Like I said, it's pretty safe down here, but I still hope you're not a heavy sleeper.”

“That's very comforting, thank you for that...”

He pressed the button and the door let out a short, harsh electronic tone. He frowned and tried again, only to be met with the same response. “Hehe, hang on a second...”

Jamie reached into his pocket and pulled out an omni-tool and went to work on the door mechanism, leaving south to notice that while the other doors had a crewman's name on a plaque attached to the door, but on this particular door, the name plaque had been removed. From what he understood it was maritime tradition to remove a crewman's name from a door and seal the room from entry when it's occupant died, so that their personal belongings wouldn't be disturbed until they reached port. South wasn't sure what to make of this, but before his thoughts could go any further they were interupte by the doors making one hell of a racket, pulsing off every warning siren it was fitted with before abruplty stopping and sliding open with a stale hiss of air. The lights flickered on inside. “Here we are, sorry about the delay.” Jamie waved him in. “Thank you, sir, I appreciate it.”

“Don't mention it.”

Near the closet, and next to the bathroom, several boxes were sealed and stacked up against the wall, and the bed rested across the room with it's head positioned that it could see the door. Even though he was as tired as he was, South noticed right away that there was a surprising lack of dust and debris in this room. “Why is it so clean in here?”

“The room was sealed, probably during the cadmium leak I'd imagine, so the vents closed themselves, until I opened them up just now. But you still might want to check the bed before you lay down.”

Jamie noticed South staring at the mound of boxes in the corner. “Oh, those...” he said, scratching his head, “They probably belonged to the last person to have the room. I can have them taken out if you--”

“No, I'll take care of them.”

The tone in South's voice was noticeably sad when he cut him off. “Sorry,” he continued, “I'm just tired.”

“Right, well, I'll let you get some sleep then. If you need anything just ask around, somone will know how to get it.”

“Thanks.” South said as Jamie left the room, the door closing behind him. He looked around for a moment and sighed. He then proceeded to take off his jacket and satchel and lay on the night stand next to the bed, checking the mattress as Jamie had suggested before laying down, Reggie scurrying up from beside him and onto his chest. He sighed again, wondering what might have happened to the crew of the Satrid. If the giant hamster knew what he was talking about, they may been projected forward in time along the same or similar path as he had. Or they might have been vaporized by the time stream, or lost in a vortex loop somewhere. All he knew was that he hoped to find them, or at least find what happened to them. They were his friends, after all. He might even go so far as to say family, but never to their faces, not then, but he might now, if he ever found them, or a way back to them. As his eyes closed and he'd drifted off to sleep, he recalled the last words he'd said to any of them: “See you in the morning.”


OOC – This just a post I wanted to do, just to give him more character. It's a while after the negotiations, after scrounging up some gardening supplies, so it should clash with any posts. Just think of it as a flash forward, I suppose. I just thought it would be interesting for him to have a goal, rather than just a 'Hey look! I'm here now' type character. Feel free to wake him up from his nap whenever!

Also, clarification for Superior: the castle is in the cargo decks, which have been flooded with water, and are now home to pink fishpeople with 50's 'hair cuts'. The lizard men live in the atrium, kind of in the other direction (up, I believe), but hey. The current situation: basically? The vermin, (led by a ferret called Chutney), want an offer of good will from us, (because they tried to eat one of our crew and we didn't like that), meaning they want land on the atrium for farming. The Lizard People (Huzzards) might not like that since they live there, so we have to negotiate a land treaty with a one of the more peaceful tribes of a waring, bronze-age equivalent, Mayan like, warrior race of lizard people in order make peace in our time, all while settling in, and hoping to avoid detection by a mad queen called Brittany who runs time-cop police force with a grudge against, oh, more or less everyone on the ship. I don't think missed anything big. Simple, eh?


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