Breaking Boyd

"Alright, make the Molly, and put it in the cake, it can be a backup plan just in case the first round of the negotiations don't go well. But for the love of the gods Artemis please use your judgement, don't kill them or drive them insane because either will likely start a war we won't win. But is there anything you can do to make it seem like they weren't actually drugged?"

"I can add a few other Psychoactive drugs that will do trick, we used to do the same thing to Pharmaceutical subjects back at Charon. After that whole "Zombie Plague" thing they suspended our testing license and we had to be creative with it"

"Alright, get to it"

"I might need a hand, the Missus is home-schooling the children while the rodents have the school closed down. Anyone want to make MDMA?">

Memories started to flow back to Boyd. College, specifically, Titan U. Titan University was Boyd's proclaimed Alma Mater, even though he was not enrolled as a student and was a groundskeeper. He thought he could get good at math if he became a janitor after watching Good Will Hunting. One memory that stood out was his time in science labs with the frat he spent most of his time with. As the story goes, Titan U didn't have very good security when it came to the science wing. He would mostly play with the acids until bottles spilled and stories had to be made as to why a frat member is missing part of his foot. Through his careless experimentation, he would make a love of science he would forget until years later.

Looking at Artemis, he shot his hand up,

"Hey! Brainy Boss! Hey! I wanna learn!" Boyd yelled

"Do you have any experience with chemistry?" Artemis inquired,


"And that doesn't mean running a distillery in the back of your shuttle" Artemis said, Boyd put his hand down momentarily. He raised it again,

"I have what you may call 'experience'" Boyd said with air quotes

"I'm almost reluctant to ask what you mean by 'experience'"

"Questionable yet manageable."

"Do you at least know what not to mix together to suffocate and/or blow us up? Also, would you fit into a child's 5X Husky HAZMAT suit? That's all I have at the moment"

"If you want me to yes I can."

"I have plenty of lubricants left in the lab, I'm sure we can make that work. Alright, you're hired"

Boyd flipped down his flight goggles on his helmet and gave Artie a thumbs up, ready to head out on his next sciency adventure, hopefully with more partners joining in.


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